Jeffrey Kowalski
Jeffrey Kowalski
Graduate Student, MIT
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Pathways to low-cost electrochemical energy storage: a comparison of aqueous and nonaqueous flow batteries
RM Darling, KG Gallagher, JA Kowalski, S Ha, FR Brushett
Energy & Environmental Science 7 (11), 3459-3477, 2014
Pathways to low-cost electrochemical energy storage: a comparison of aqueous and nonaqueous flow batteries
RM Darling, KG Gallagher, Kowalski
Sci 4, 2297-2307, 2011
High current density, long duration cycling of soluble organic active species for non-aqueous redox flow batteries
JD Milshtein, AP Kaur, MD Casselman, JA Kowalski, S Modekrutti, ...
Energy & Environmental Science 9 (11), 3531-3543, 2016
“Wine-Dark Sea” in an organic flow battery: storing negative charge in 2, 1, 3-benzothiadiazole radicals leads to improved cyclability
W Duan, J Huang, JA Kowalski, IA Shkrob, M Vijayakumar, E Walter, ...
ACS Energy Letters 2 (5), 1156-1161, 2017
A stable two-electron-donating phenothiazine for application in nonaqueous redox flow batteries
JA Kowalski, MD Casselman, AP Kaur, JD Milshtein, CF Elliott, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 5 (46), 24371-24379, 2017
Recent advances in molecular engineering of redox active organic molecules for nonaqueous flow batteries
JA Kowalski, L Su, JD Milshtein, FR Brushett
Current opinion in chemical engineering 13, 45-52, 2016
Tailoring two-electron-donating phenothiazines to enable high-concentration redox electrolytes for use in nonaqueous redox flow batteries
NH Attanayake, JA Kowalski, KV Greco, MD Casselman, JD Milshtein, ...
Chemistry of Materials 31 (12), 4353-4363, 2019
A subtractive approach to molecular engineering of dimethoxybenzene-based redox materials for non-aqueous flow batteries
J Huang, L Su, JA Kowalski, JL Barton, M Ferrandon, AK Burrell, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 3 (29), 14971-14976, 2015
Towards low resistance nonaqueous redox flow batteries
JD Milshtein, JL Barton, TJ Carney, JA Kowalski, RM Darling, FR Brushett
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Electrolyte development for non-aqueous redox flow batteries using a high-throughput screening platform
L Su, M Ferrandon, JA Kowalski, JT Vaughey, FR Brushett
Journal of The Electrochemical Society 161 (12), A1905, 2014
Avoiding thermal runaway in lithium-ion batteries using ultrasound detection of early failure mechanisms
MC Appleberry, JA Kowalski, SA Africk, J Mitchell, TC Ferree, V Chang, ...
Journal of Power Sources 535, 231423, 2022
Recent developments and trends in redox flow batteries
L Su, JA Kowalski, KJ Carroll, FR Brushett
Rechargeable Batteries: Materials, Technologies and New Trends, 673-712, 2015
A method for evaluating soluble redox couple stability using microelectrode voltammetry
JA Kowalski, AM Fenton, BJ Neyhouse, FR Brushett
Journal of The Electrochemical Society 167 (16), 160513, 2020
Perfunctionalized Dodecaborate Clusters as Stable Metal-Free Active Materials for Charge Storage
JL Barton, AI Wixtrom, JA Kowalski, EA Qian, D Jung, FR Brushett, ...
ACS applied energy materials 2 (7), 4907-4913, 2019
Synthesis of Pyridine– and Pyrazine–BF3 Complexes and Their Characterization in Solution and Solid State
E Chénard, A Sutrisno, L Zhu, RS Assary, JA Kowalski, JL Barton, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 120 (16), 8461-8471, 2016
The impact of bulk electrolysis cycling conditions on the perceived stability of redox active materials
JA Kowalski, BJ Neyhouse, FR Brushett
Electrochemistry Communications 111, 106625, 2020
Investigating the factors that influence resistance rise of PIM-1 membranes in nonaqueous electrolytes
M Gigli, JA Kowalski, BJ Neyhouse, A D'Epifanio, FR Brushett, S Licoccia
Electrochemistry Communications 107, 106530, 2019
Poly (2, 3-dihexylthieno [3, 4-b] pyrazine-alt-2, 3-dihexylquinoxaline): processible, low-bandgap, ambipolar-acceptor frameworks via direct arylation polymerization
TE Anderson, EW Culver, F Almyahi, PC Dastoor, SC Rasmussen
Synlett 29 (19), 2542-2546, 2018
An investigation on the impact of halidization on substituted dimethoxybenzenes
JA Kowalski, TJ Carney, J Huang, L Zhang, FR Brushett
Electrochimica Acta 335, 135580, 2020
Systems, methods, and devices for failure detection of one or more energy storage devices
JA Kowalski, SA Africk, JF Whitacre, TC Ferree, M Appleberry, SD Murphy, ...
US Patent App. 17/734,005, 2022
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