Qiong Nian
Qiong Nian
Assistant professor in Arizona State University
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3D printing graphene-aluminum nanocomposites
Z Hu, F Chen, J Xu, Q Nian, D Lin, C Chen, X Zhu, Y Chen, M Zhang
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 746, 269-276, 2018
3D nanostructured inkjet printed graphene via UV-pulsed laser irradiation enables paper-based electronics and electrochemical devices
SR Das, Q Nian, AA Cargill, JA Hondred, S Ding, M Saei, GJ Cheng, ...
Nanoscale 8 (35), 15870-15879, 2016
Flyweight, superelastic, electrically conductive, and flame‐retardant 3D multi‐nanolayer graphene/ceramic metamaterial
Q Zhang, D Lin, B Deng, X Xu, Q Nian, S Jin, KD Leedy, H Li, GJ Cheng
Advanced materials 29 (28), 1605506, 2017
Large‐area direct laser‐shock imprinting of a 3D biomimic hierarchical metal surface for triboelectric nanogenerators
S Jin, Y Wang, M Motlag, S Gao, J Xu, Q Nian, W Wu, GJ Cheng
Advanced materials 30 (11), 1705840, 2018
Three-dimensional printing of complex structures: man made or toward nature?
D Lin, Q Nian, B Deng, S Jin, Y Hu, W Wang, GJ Cheng
ACS nano 8 (10), 9710-9715, 2014
Crystalline nanojoining silver nanowire percolated networks on flexible substrate
Q Nian, M Saei, Y Xu, G Sabyasachi, B Deng, YP Chen, GJ Cheng
ACS nano 9 (10), 10018-10031, 2015
Laser sintered single layer graphene oxide reinforced titanium matrix nanocomposites
Z Hu, G Tong, Q Nian, R Xu, M Saei, F Chen, C Chen, M Zhang, H Guo, ...
Composites Part B: Engineering 93, 352-359, 2016
Limpet tooth‐inspired painless microneedles fabricated by magnetic field‐assisted 3D printing
X Li, W Shan, Y Yang, D Joralmon, Y Zhu, Y Chen, Y Yuan, H Xu, J Rong, ...
Advanced functional materials 31 (5), 2003725, 2021
3D printing‐enabled nanoparticle alignment: a review of mechanisms and applications
W Xu, S Jambhulkar, D Ravichandran, Y Zhu, M Kakarla, Q Nian, ...
Small 17 (45), 2100817, 2021
Laser sintered graphene nickel nanocomposites
Z Hu, G Tong, D Lin, Q Nian, J Shao, Y Hu, M Saeib, S Jin, GJ Cheng
Journal of Materials Processing Technology 231, 143-150, 2016
Novel layered perovskite oxide PrBaCuCoO5+ δ as a potential cathode for intermediate-temperature solid oxide fuel cells
L Zhao, Q Nian, B He, B Lin, H Ding, S Wang, R Peng, G Meng, X Liu
Journal of Power Sources 195 (2), 453-456, 2010
Single-layer graphene as a barrier layer for intense UV laser-induced damages for silver nanowire network
SR Das, Q Nian, M Saei, S Jin, D Back, P Kumar, DB Janes, MA Alam, ...
ACS nano 9 (11), 11121-11133, 2015
Fabricating graphene-titanium composites by laser sintering PVA bonding graphene titanium coating: Microstructure and mechanical properties
Z Hu, F Chen, J Xu, Z Ma, H Guo, C Chen, Q Nian, X Wang, M Zhang
Composites Part B: Engineering 134, 133-140, 2018
Graphene/PbS-quantum dots/graphene sandwich structures enabled by laser shock imprinting for high performance photodetectors
Q Nian, L Gao, Y Hu, B Deng, J Tang, GJ Cheng
ACS applied materials & interfaces 9 (51), 44715-44723, 2017
In situ drop-coated BaZr0. 1Ce0. 7Y0. 2O3− δ electrolyte-based proton-conductor solid oxide fuel cells with a novel layered PrBaCuFeO5+ δ cathode
L Zhao, B He, Q Nian, Z Xun, R Peng, G Meng, X Liu
Journal of Power Sources 194 (1), 291-294, 2009
Ultraviolet laser crystallized ZnO: Al films on sapphire with high Hall mobility for simultaneous enhancement of conductivity and transparency
Q Nian, MY Zhang, BD Schwartz, GJ Cheng
Applied Physics Letters 104 (20), 2014
Water flattens graphene wrinkles: laser shock wrapping of graphene onto substrate-supported crystalline plasmonic nanoparticle arrays
Y Hu, S Lee, P Kumar, Q Nian, W Wang, J Irudayaraj, GJ Cheng
Nanoscale 7 (47), 19885-19893, 2015
Room temperature deposition of alumina-doped zinc oxide on flexible substrates by direct pulsed laser recrystallization
MY Zhang, Q Nian, GJ Cheng
Applied Physics Letters 100 (15), 2012
Laser additive manufacturing bulk graphene–copper nanocomposites
Z Hu, F Chen, D Lin, Q Nian, P Parandoush, X Zhu, Z Shao, GJ Cheng
Nanotechnology 28 (44), 445705, 2017
Direct laser writing of nanodiamond films from graphite under ambient conditions
Q Nian, Y Wang, Y Yang, J Li, MY Zhang, J Shao, L Tang, GJ Cheng
Scientific reports 4 (1), 6612, 2014
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