Steffen Jockusch
Steffen Jockusch
Center for Photochemical Sciences, Bowling Green State University
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Photoinitiated polymerization: advances, challenges, and opportunities
Y Yagci, S Jockusch, NJ Turro
Macromolecules 43 (15), 6245-6260, 2010
Ultra-stable organic fluorophores for single-molecule research
Q Zheng, MF Juette, S Jockusch, MR Wasserman, Z Zhou, RB Altman, ...
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A2E-epoxides damage DNA in retinal pigment epithelial cells: vitamin E and other antioxidants inhibit A2E-epoxide formation
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Pyrene excimer signaling molecular beacons for probing nucleic acids
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G Dukovic, BE White, Z Zhou, F Wang, S Jockusch, ML Steigerwald, ...
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Nucleotide analogues as inhibitors of SARS-CoV-2 polymerase, a key drug target for COVID-19
M Chien, TK Anderson, S Jockusch, C Tao, X Li, S Kumar, JJ Russo, ...
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Formation of a nonaoxirane from A2E, a lipofuscin fluorophore related to macular degeneration, and evidence of singlet oxygen involvement
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Energy Transfer from Quantum Dots to Graphene and MoS2: The Role of Absorption and Screening in Two-Dimensional Materials
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Thioxanthone− anthracene: A new photoinitiator for free radical polymerization in the presence of oxygen
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Controlling photoreactions with restricted spaces and weak intermolecular forces: exquisite selectivity during oxidation of olefins by singlet oxygen
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Fluorescent hybridization probes for sensitive and selective DNA and RNA detection
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Photochemistry and photophysics of α-hydroxy ketones
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The contribution of reactive oxygen species to the photobleaching of organic fluorophores
Q Zheng, S Jockusch, Z Zhou, SC Blanchard
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Phosphinoyl radicals: Structure and reactivity. A laser flash photolysis and time-resolved ESR investigation
S Jockusch, NJ Turro
Journal of the American chemical society 120 (45), 11773-11777, 1998
Enantioselective organo‐photocatalysis mediated by atropisomeric thiourea derivatives
N Vallavoju, S Selvakumar, S Jockusch, MP Sibi, J Sivaguru
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 53 (22), 5604-5608, 2014
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