Yuji Teramura
Yuji Teramura
Associate Professor (Docent), Uppsala University, Associate Professor, University of Tokyo
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Do cryopreserved mesenchymal stromal cells display impaired immunomodulatory and therapeutic properties?
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Dangerous liaisons: complement, coagulation, and kallikrein/kinin cross‐talk act as a linchpin in the events leading to thromboinflammation
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Islets surface modification prevents blood-mediated inflammatory responses
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Islet encapsulation with living cells for improvement of biocompatibility
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Immobilization of urokinase on the islet surface by amphiphilic poly (vinyl alcohol) that carries alkyl side chains
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Improvement of graft survival by surface modification with poly (ethylene glycol)-lipid and urokinase in intraportal islet transplantation
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Control of cell attachment through polyDNA hybridization
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Do ABO blood group antigens hamper the therapeutic efficacy of mesenchymal stromal cells?
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PLoS one 9 (1), e85040, 2014
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