Michael Fasolka
Michael Fasolka
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Block copolymer thin films: physics and applications
MJ Fasolka, AM Mayes
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Morphology of ultrathin supported diblock copolymer films: Theory and experiment
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Quantifying Residual Stress in Nanoscale Thin Polymer Films via Surface Wrinkling
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Folding kinetics of proteins and copolymers
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Pattern-directed to isotropic dewetting transition in polymer films on micropatterned surfaces with differential surface energy contrast
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pH-controlled gating in polymer brushes
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Living anionic polymerization using a microfluidic reactor
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Gradient chemical micropatterns: a reference substrate for surface nanometrology
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MJ Fasolka, AM Mayes, SN Magonov
Ultramicroscopy 90 (1), 21-31, 2001
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