Alexander W. Glaetzle
Alexander W. Glaetzle
Senior Research Associate, University of Oxford
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Designing frustrated quantum magnets with laser-dressed Rydberg atoms
AW Glaetzle, M Dalmonte, R Nath, C Gross, I Bloch, P Zoller
Physical review letters 114 (17), 173002, 2015
Quantum Spin Ice and dimer models with Rydberg atoms
AW Glaetzle, M Dalmonte, R Nath, I Rousochatzakis, R Moessner, ...
Phys. Rev. X 4, 041037, 2014
A coherent quantum annealer with Rydberg atoms
AW Glaetzle, RMW van Bijnen, P Zoller, W Lechner
Nature communications 8 (1), 15813, 2017
Discrete time crystal in globally driven interacting quantum systems without disorder
WC Yu, J Tangpanitanon, AW Glaetzle, D Jaksch, DG Angelakis
Physical Review A 99 (3), 033618, 2019
Driven-dissipative dynamics of a strongly interacting Rydberg gas
AW Glaetzle, R Nath, B Zhao, G Pupillo, P Zoller
Physical Review A 86 (4), 043403, 2012
Controlled long-range interactions between Rydberg atoms and ions
T Secker, R Gerritsma, AW Glaetzle, A Negretti
Physical Review A 94 (1), 013420, 2016
Hexagonal plaquette spin–spin interactions and quantum magnetism in a two-dimensional ion crystal
R Nath, M Dalmonte, AW Glaetzle, P Zoller, F Schmidt-Kaler, R Gerritsma
New Journal of Physics 17 (6), 065018, 2015
A single trapped atom in front of an oscillating mirror
AW Glaetzle, K Hammerer, AJ Daley, R Blatt, P Zoller
Optics Communications 283 (5), 758-765, 2010
Simulating quantum spin models using Rydberg-excited atomic ensembles in magnetic microtrap arrays
S Whitlock, AW Glaetzle, P Hannaford
Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 50 (7), 074001, 2017
Atomic Rydberg reservoirs for polar molecules
B Zhao, AW Glaetzle, G Pupillo, P Zoller
Physical Review Letters 108 (19), 193007, 2012
Parallel execution of quantum gates in a long linear ion chain via Rydberg mode shaping
W Li, AW Glaetzle, R Nath, I Lesanovsky
Physical Review A 87 (5), 052304, 2013
QED with a spherical mirror
G Hétet, L Slodička, A Glätzle, M Hennrich, R Blatt
Physical Review A 82 (6), 063812, 2010
From classical to quantum non-equilibrium dynamics of Rydberg excitations in optical lattices
M Mattioli, AW Glätzle, W Lechner
New Journal of Physics 17 (11), 113039, 2015
Dynamical preparation of laser-excited anisotropic Rydberg crystals in 2D optical lattices
B Vermersch, M Punk, AW Glaetzle, C Gross, P Zoller
New journal of Physics 17 (1), 013008, 2015
Ultrafast creation of overlapping Rydberg electrons in an atomic BEC and Mott-insulator lattice
M Mizoguchi, Y Zhang, M Kunimi, A Tanaka, S Takeda, N Takei, V Bharti, ...
Physical review letters 124 (25), 253201, 2020
Quantum spin lenses in atomic arrays
AW Glaetzle, K Ender, DS Wild, S Choi, H Pichler, MD Lukin, P Zoller
Physical Review X 7 (3), 031049, 2017
Magic distances in the blockade mechanism of Rydberg p and d states
B Vermersch, AW Glaetzle, P Zoller
Physical Review A 91 (2), 023411, 2015
QED with a spherical mirror (vol 82, 063812, 2010)
G Hetet, L Slodicka, A Glaetzle, M Hennrich, R Blatt
PHYSICAL REVIEW A 102 (2), 2020
Designing Frustrated Quantum Magnets with Laser-Dressed Rydberg Atoms
M Dalmonte, R NATH, P Zoller, I Bloch, C Gross, AW Glaetzle
American Physical Society, 2015
Quantum optics with Rydberg atoms and ions
AW Glätzle
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