Vadim Cheianov
Vadim Cheianov
Lorentz Institute for Theoretical Physics, Leiden University, The Netherlands
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The focusing of electron flow and a Veselago lens in graphene pn junctions
VV Cheianov, V Fal'ko, BL Altshuler
Science 315 (5816), 1252-1255, 2007
Selective transmission of Dirac electrons and ballistic magnetoresistance of n− p junctions in graphene
VV Cheianov, VI Fal’ko
Physical review b 74 (4), 041403, 2006
Tunable metal–insulator transition in double-layer graphene heterostructures
LA Ponomarenko, AK Geim, AA Zhukov, R Jalil, SV Morozov, ...
Nature Physics 7 (12), 958-961, 2011
Friedel oscillations, impurity scattering, and temperature dependence of resistivity in graphene
VV Cheianov, VI Fal’ko
Physical review letters 97 (22), 226801, 2006
Universality of transport properties in equilibrium, the goldstone theorem, and chiral anomaly
AY Alekseev, VV Cheianov, J Fröhlich
Physical review letters 81 (16), 3503, 1998
Random resistor network model of minimal conductivity in graphene
VV Cheianov, VI Fal’ko, BL Altshuler, IL Aleiner
Physical review letters 99 (17), 176801, 2007
Spin dynamics in a one-dimensional ferromagnetic Bose gas
MB Zvonarev, VV Cheianov, T Giamarchi
Physical review letters 99 (24), 240404, 2007
Nonunitary spin-charge separation in a one-dimensional fermion gas
VV Cheianov, MB Zvonarev
Physical review letters 92 (17), 176401, 2004
The anomalous 0.5 and 0.7 conductance plateaus in quantum point contacts
H Bruus, VV Cheianov, K Flensberg
Physica E: low-dimensional systems and nanostructures 10 (1-3), 97-102, 2001
Resonant dephasing in the electronic Mach-Zehnder interferometer
EV Sukhorukov, VV Cheianov
Physical review letters 99 (15), 156801, 2007
Hidden Kekulé ordering of adatoms on graphene
VV Cheianov, VI Fal’ko, O Syljuåsen, BL Altshuler
Solid State Communications 149 (37-38), 1499-1501, 2009
Ordered states of adatoms on graphene
VV Cheianov, O Syljuåsen, BL Altshuler, V Fal’ko
Physical Review B 80 (23), 233409, 2009
Soft self-assembly of Weyl materials for light and sound
M Fruchart, SY Jeon, K Hur, V Cheianov, U Wiesner, V Vitelli
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 115 (16), E3655-E3664, 2018
Zero temperature correlation functions for the impenetrable fermion gas
VV Cheianov, MB Zvonarev
Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and General 37 (6), 2261, 2004
Low-temperature crossover in the momentum distribution of cold atomic gases in one dimension
VV Cheianov, H Smith, MB Zvonarev
Physical Review A 71 (3), 033610, 2005
Mesoscopic fluctuations of conductance of a helical edge contaminated by magnetic impurities
V Cheianov, LI Glazman
Physical review letters 110 (20), 206803, 2013
Exact results for three-body correlations in a degenerate one-dimensional Bose gas
VV Cheianov, H Smith, MB Zvonarev
Physical Review A 73 (5), 051604, 2006
Momentum relaxation of a mobile impurity in a one-dimensional quantum gas
E Burovski, V Cheianov, O Gamayun, O Lychkovskiy
Physical Review A 89 (4), 041601, 2014
Threshold singularities in the dynamic response of gapless integrable models
VV Cheianov, M Pustilnik
Physical review letters 100 (12), 126403, 2008
Moiré pattern as a magnifying glass for strain and dislocations in van der Waals heterostructures
DA Cosma, JR Wallbank, V Cheianov, VI Fal'Ko
Faraday Discussions 173, 137-143, 2014
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