Nobuya Mori
Nobuya Mori
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Electron–optical-phonon interaction in single and double heterostructures
N Mori, T Ando
Physical Review B 40 (9), 6175, 1989
Electron-concentration-dependent quantum-well luminescence: Evidence for a negatively charged exciton
H Buhmann, L Mansouri, J Wang, PH Beton, N Mori, L Eaves, M Henini, ...
Physical Review B 51 (12), 7969, 1995
Electronic structures in circular, elliptic, and triangular quantum dots
T Ezaki, N Mori, C Hamaguchi
Physical Review B 56 (11), 6428, 1997
Electron mobility calculation for graphene on substrates
H Hirai, H Tsuchiya, Y Kamakura, N Mori, M Ogawa
Journal of Applied Physics 116 (8), 2014
Probing the quantum states of self-assembled InAs dots by magnetotunneling spectroscopy
A Patane, RJA Hill, L Eaves, PC Main, M Henini, ML Zambrano, A Levin, ...
Physical Review B 65 (16), 165308, 2002
Linear magnetoresistance due to multiple-electron scattering by low-mobility islands in an inhomogeneous conductor
NV Kozlova, N Mori, O Makarovsky, L Eaves, QD Zhuang, A Krier, ...
Nature communications 3 (1), 1097, 2012
Methodology of thermoelectric power factor enhancement by controlling nanowire interface
T Ishibe, A Tomeda, K Watanabe, Y Kamakura, N Mori, N Naruse, Y Mera, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 10 (43), 37709-37716, 2018
Theoretical performance estimation of silicene, germanene, and graphene nanoribbon field-effect transistors under ballistic transport
S Kaneko, H Tsuchiya, Y Kamakura, N Mori, M Ogawa
Applied Physics Express 7 (3), 035102, 2014
Magnetophonon resonances in quantum wires
N Mori, H Momose, C Hamaguchi
Physical Review B 45 (8), 4536, 1992
Interlayer Band‐to‐Band Tunneling and Negative Differential Resistance in van der Waals BP/InSe Field‐Effect Transistors
Q Lv, F Yan, N Mori, W Zhu, C Hu, ZR Kudrynskyi, ZD Kovalyuk, A Patanè, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 30 (15), 1910713, 2020
Measuring the probability density of quantum confined states
PH Beton, J Wang, N Mori, L Eaves, PC Main, TJ Foster, M Henini
Physical review letters 75 (10), 1996, 1995
Equivalent transport models in atomistic quantum wires
G Mil’nikov, N Mori, Y Kamakura
Physical Review B 85 (3), 035317, 2012
Resonant tunneling through donor molecules
AK Geim, TJ Foster, A Nogaret, N Mori, PJ McDonnell, N La Scala Jr, ...
Physical Review B 50 (11), 8074, 1994
Magnetophonon-resonance theory of the two-dimensional electron gas in Al x Ga 1− x As/GaAs single heterostructures
N Mori, H Murata, K Taniguchi, C Hamaguchi
Physical Review B 38 (11), 7622, 1988
The theoretical highest frame rate of silicon image sensors
TG Etoh, AQ Nguyen, Y Kamakura, K Shimonomura, TY Le, N Mori
Sensors 17 (3), 483, 2017
centers probed by resonant tunneling spectroscopy
JGS Lok, AK Geim, JC Maan, I Marmorkos, FM Peeters, N Mori, L Eaves, ...
Physical Review B 53 (15), 9554, 1996
Theory of quasiballistic transport through nanocrystalline silicon dots
N Mori, H Minari, S Uno, H Mizuta, N Koshida
Applied Physics Letters 98 (6), 062104, 2011
Thermoelectric power factor enhancement based on carrier transport physics in ultimately phonon-controlled Si nanostructures
S Sakane, T Ishibe, T Taniguchi, N Naruse, Y Mera, T Fujita, MM Alam, ...
Materials Today Energy 13, 56-63, 2019
Resonant magnetotunneling via one-dimensional quantum confined states
J Wang, PH Beton, N Mori, L Eaves, H Buhmann, L Mansouri, PC Main, ...
Physical review letters 73 (8), 1146, 1994
Submicrometer resonant tunnelling diodes fabricated by photolithography and selective wet etching
J Wang, PH Beton, N Mori, H Buhmann, L Mansouri, L Eaves, PC Main, ...
Applied physics letters 65 (9), 1124-1126, 1994
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