Nirman Ganguly
Nirman Ganguly
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Entanglement witness operator for quantum teleportation
N Ganguly, S Adhikari, AS Majumdar, J Chatterjee
Physical Review Letters 107 (27), 270501, 2011
Witness of mixed separable states useful for entanglement creation
N Ganguly, J Chatterjee, AS Majumdar
Physical Review A 89 (5), 052304, 2014
Two-Qubit Pure Entanglement as Optimal Social Welfare Resource in Bayesian Game
M Banik, SS Bhattacharya, N Ganguly, T Guha, A Mukherjee, A Rai, ...
Quantum 3, 185 (2019), arXiv:1703.02773v3, 2017
Non-negativity of conditional von Neumann entropy and global unitary operations
S Patro, I Chakrabarty, N Ganguly
Physical Review A 96 (6), 062102, 2017
Quantum cloning, Bell's inequality and teleportation
S Adhikari, N Ganguly, I Chakrabarty, BS Choudhury
Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical 41 (41), 415302, 2008
Witnessing negative conditional entropy
M Vempati, N Ganguly, I Chakrabarty, AK Pati
Physical Review A 104 (1), 012417, 2021
Witness for edge states and its characteristics
N Ganguly, S Adhikari
Physical Review A 80 (3), 032331, 2009
Absolute non-violation of a three-setting steering inequality by two-qubit states
SS Bhattacharya, A Mukherjee, A Roy, B Paul, K Mukherjee, ...
Quantum Information Processing 17, 1-13, 2018
Construction of optimal teleportation witness operators from entanglement witnesses
S Adhikari, N Ganguly, AS Majumdar
Physical Review A 86 (3), 032315, 2012
Bell-CHSH Violation Under Global Unitary Operations: Necessary and Sufficient conditions
N Ganguly, A Mukherjee, A Roy, SS Bhattacharya, B Paul, K Mukherjee
International Journal of Quantum Information 16 (4), 1850040, 2018
Common entanglement witnesses and their characteristics
N Ganguly, S Adhikari, AS Majumdar
Quantum information processing 12, 425-436, 2013
Deletion, Bell’s inequality, teleportation
I Chakrabarty, N Ganguly, BS Choudhury
Quantum Information Processing 10 (1), 27-32, 2011
A-unital operations and quantum conditional entropy
M Vempati, S Shah, N Ganguly, I Chakrabarty
Quantum 6, 641, 2022
Broadcasting of quantum correlations in qubit-qudit systems
R Mundra, D Patel, I Chakrabarty, N Ganguly, S Chatterjee
Physical Review A 100, 042319, 2019
Characterization of nonlocal resources under global unitary action
A Roy, SS Bhattacharya, A Mukherjee, N Ganguly
Quantum Studies: Mathematics and Foundations 5, 315-323, 2018
Absolute fully entangled fraction from spectrum
T Patro, K Mukherjee, MA Siddiqui, I Chakrabarty, N Ganguly
The European Physical Journal D 76, 127 (2022), arXiv preprint arXiv:2201.11360, 2022
Generating and detecting bound entanglement in two-qutrits using a family of indecomposable positive maps
B Bhattacharya, S Goswami, R Mundra, N Ganguly, I Chakrabarty, ...
Journal of Physics Communications 5, 065008, 2021
Several trade off features of quantum steering in distributed scenario
A Roy, SS Bhattacharya, A Mukherjee, N Ganguly, B Paul, K Mukherjee
The European Physical Journal D volume 73, Article number: 66 (2019), 2019
Hidden non–n-locality in linear networks
K Mukherjee, S Mandal, T Patro, N Ganguly
Physical Review A 108, 032416, 2023
Environmental effects on nonlocal correlations
T Guha, B Bhattacharya, D Das, SS Bhattacharya, A Mukherjee, A Roy, ...
Quanta 8, 57, 2019
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