Chen Li
Chen Li
Technische Universität Wien, Vienna Center for Quantum Science and Technology
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Extension of the Generalized Hydrodynamics to the Dimensional Crossover Regime
F Møller, C Li, I Mazets, HP Stimming, T Zhou, Z Zhu, X Chen, ...
Physical Review Letters 126 (9), 090602, 2021
Relaxation of bosons in one dimension and the onset of dimensional crossover
C Li, T Zhou, I Mazets, HP Stimming, FS Møller, Z Zhu, Y Zhai, W Xiong, ...
SciPost Physics 9 (4), 058, 2020
Two-stage crossed beam cooling with 6Li and 133Cs atoms in microgravity
T Luan, H Yao, L Wang, C Li, S Yang, X Chen, Z Ma
Optics Express 23 (9), 11378-11387, 2015
Optical Talbot carpet with atomic density gratings obtained by standing-wave manipulation
C Li, T Zhou, Y Zhai, X Yue, J Xiang, S Yang, W Xiong, X Chen
Physical Review A 95 (3), 033821, 2017
Observation of atom-number fluctuations in optical lattices via quantum collapse and revival dynamics
T Zhou, K Yang, Z Zhu, X Yu, S Yang, W Xiong, X Zhou, X Chen, C Li, ...
Physical Review A 99 (1), 013602, 2019
Comparison of different techniques in optical trap for generating picokelvin 3D atom cloud in microgravity
H Yao, T Luan, C Li, Y Zhang, Z Ma, X Chen
Optics Communications 359, 123-128, 2016
Deep cooling of optically trapped atoms implemented by magnetic levitation without transverse confinement
C Li, T Zhou, Y Zhai, J Xiang, T Luan, Q Huang, S Yang, W Xiong, X Chen
Review of Scientific Instruments 88 (5), 053104, 2017
Superfluid-Mott-Insulator Transition in an Optical Lattice with Adjustable Ensemble-Averaged Filling Factors
S Yang, T Zhou, C Li, K Yang, Y Zhai, X Yue, X Chen
Chinese Physics Letters 37 (4), 040301, 2020
Two-Dimensional Talbot Effect with Atomic Density Gratings
C Li, TW Zhou, JG Xiang, YY Zhai, XG Yue, SF Yang, W Xiong, XZ Chen
Chinese Physics Letters 34 (8), 084207, 2017
用于冷原子研究的小型集成化法拉第磁光隔离器 (英文)
张龙毅, 李诗哲, 李辰, 林斌, 杨仕锋, 马兆远, 陈徐宗, 齐向晖
量子电子学报 31 (5), 547-553, 2014
Diffraction of strongly interacting molecular Bose-Einstein condensate from standing wave light pulses
Q Liang, C Li, S Erne, P Paranjape, R Wu, J Schmiedmayer
SciPost Physics 12 (5), 154, 2022
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