Yang Sun Lee
Yang Sun Lee
Hanshin University
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A localization algorithm based on AOA for ad-hoc sensor networks
YS Lee, JW Park, L Barolli
Mobile Information Systems 8 (1), 61-72, 2012
Real‐time cloud‐based health tracking and monitoring system in designed boundary for cardiology patients
A Shahzad, YS Lee, M Lee, YG Kim, N Xiong
Journal of sensors 2018 (1), 3202787, 2018
Improving positioning accuracy for VANET in real city environments
MF Tsai, PC Wang, CK Shieh, WS Hwang, N Chilamkurti, S Rho, YS Lee
The Journal of Supercomputing 71, 1975-1995, 2015
Adaptive Internet of Things and Web of Things convergence platform for Internet of reality services
J Yu, HC Bang, H Lee, YS Lee
The Journal of Supercomputing 72, 84-102, 2016
An elderly health monitoring system using machine learning and in-depth analysis techniques on the NIH stroke scale
J Yu, S Park, H Lee, CS Pyo, YS Lee
Mathematics 8 (7), 1115, 2020
The effects of relationship benefit on relationship quality and store loyalty from convergence environments—NPS analysis and moderating effects
JH Jang, SW Kim, YS Lee, J Kim
Electronic Commerce Research 13, 291-315, 2013
Localization algorithm design and implementation to utilization RSSI and AOA of Zigbee
CY Park, DH Park, JW Park, YS Lee, Y An
2010 5th International Conference on Future Information Technology, 1-4, 2010
Performance of vehicle speed estimation using wireless sensor networks: A region-based approach
DH Kim, KH Choi, KJ Li, YS Lee
The Journal of Supercomputing 71, 2101-2120, 2015
WISE: web of object architecture on IoT environment for smart home and building energy management
J Yu, NK Lee, CS Pyo, YS Lee
The Journal of Supercomputing 74, 4403-4418, 2018
Low level light therapy by Red–Green–Blue LEDs improves healing in an excision model of Sprague–Dawley rats
MW Cheon, TG Kim, YS Lee, SH Kim
Personal and ubiquitous computing 17, 1421-1428, 2013
A study on the performance of wireless localization system based on AOA in WSN environment
YS Lee, JM Lee, SS Yeo, JH Park, L Barolli
2011 Third International Conference on Intelligent Networking and …, 2011
AoA localization system design and implementation based on zigbee for applying greenhouse
CY Park, HS Cho, DH Park, YS Lee, SE Cho, JW Park
2010 5th International Conference on Embedded and Multimedia Computing, 1-4, 2010
Effect of chiropractic and lumbar exercise program on lumbar muscle strength and Cobb's angle in patients with scoliosis for u-Healthcare
M Cheon, J Park, Y Lee, J Lee
EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking 2013, 1-6, 2013
Relative velocity based vehicle–to–vehicle routing protocol over ad–hoc networks
WI Lee, JY Pyun, YS Lee, SW Lee
International Journal of Ad Hoc and Ubiquitous Computing 12 (1), 14-22, 2013
The incentive secure mechanism based on quality of service in P2P network
Y Liu, Y Li, N Xiong, JH Park, YS Lee
Computers & Mathematics with Applications 60 (2), 224-233, 2010
Definition and analysis of shadow features for shadow detection in single natural image
KH Park, YS Lee
Journal of Digital Contents Society 19 (1), 165-171, 2018
Mapping granularity and performance tradeoffs for solid state drive
Y Lee, L Barolli, SH Lim
The journal of supercomputing 65, 507-523, 2013
Distinction Between Real Faces and Photos by Analysis of Face Data.
BK Lee, YS Lee
Intelligent Automation & Soft Computing 26 (1), 2020
A model of fsm-based planner and dialogue supporting system for emergency call services
K Lee, YS Lee, Y Nam
The Journal of Supercomputing 74, 4603-4612, 2018
An efficient peer-to-peer and distributed scheduling for cloud and grid computing
S Rho, H Chang, S Kim, YS Lee
Peer-to-Peer Networking and Applications 8, 863-871, 2015
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