Corinne Maurice
Corinne Maurice
Assistant Professor, McGill University
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Diet rapidly and reproducibly alters the human gut microbiome
LA David, CF Maurice, RN Carmody, DB Gootenberg, JE Button, ...
Nature 505 (7484), 559-563, 2014
Xenobiotics shape the physiology and gene expression of the active human gut microbiome
CF Maurice, HJ Haiser, PJ Turnbaugh
Cell 152 (1-2), 39-50, 2013
Rapid fucosylation of intestinal epithelium sustains host–commensal symbiosis in sickness
JM Pickard, CF Maurice, MA Kinnebrew, MC Abt, D Schenten, ...
Nature 514 (7524), 638-641, 2014
Ménage à trois in the human gut: interactions between host, bacteria and phages
MK Mirzaei, CF Maurice
Nature Reviews Microbiology 15 (7), 397-408, 2017
Marked seasonal variation in the wild mouse gut microbiota
CF Maurice, S CL Knowles, J Ladau, KS Pollard, A Fenton, AB Pedersen, ...
The ISME journal 9 (11), 2423-2434, 2015
Cooking shapes the structure and function of the gut microbiome
RN Carmody, JE Bisanz, BP Bowen, CF Maurice, S Lyalina, KB Louie, ...
Nature microbiology 4 (12), 2052-2063, 2019
Bacteriophages isolated from stunted children can regulate gut bacterial communities in an age-specific manner
MK Mirzaei, MAA Khan, P Ghosh, ZE Taranu, M Taguer, J Ru, ...
Cell host & microbe 27 (2), 199-212. e5, 2020
Seasonal variations of phage life strategies and bacterial physiological states in three northern temperate lakes
CF Maurice, T Bouvier, J Comte, F Guillemette, PA Del Giorgio
Environmental microbiology 12 (3), 628-641, 2010
mockrobiota: a public resource for microbiome bioinformatics benchmarking
NA Bokulich, JR Rideout, WG Mercurio, A Shiffer, B Wolfe, CF Maurice, ...
Msystems 1 (5), e00062-16, 2016
Linking the lytic and lysogenic bacteriophage cycles to environmental conditions, host physiology and their variability in coastal lagoons
CF Maurice, C Bouvier, R De Wit, T Bouvier
Environmental Microbiology 15 (9), 2463-2475, 2013
The human gut microbiome and health inequities
KR Amato, MC Arrieta, MB Azad, MT Bailey, JL Broussard, CE Bruggeling, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 118 (25), e2017947118, 2021
Disentangling the relative influence of bacterioplankton phylogeny and metabolism on lysogeny in reservoirs and lagoons
CF Maurice, D Mouillot, Y Bettarel, R De Wit, H Sarmento, T Bouvier
The ISME journal 5 (5), 831-842, 2011
Bacteriophages: uncharacterized and dynamic regulators of the immune system
A Sinha, CF Maurice
Mediators of Inflammation 2019, 2019
The complex interplay of diet, xenobiotics, and microbial metabolism in the gut: implications for clinical outcomes
M Taguer, CF Maurice
Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics 99 (6), 588-599, 2016
A standardized, extensible framework for optimizing classification improves marker-gene taxonomic assignments
NA Bokulich, JR Rideout, E Kopylova, E Bolyen, J Patnode, Z Ellett, ...
PeerJ PrePrints 3, e934v2, 2015
Quantifying the metabolic activities of human-associated microbial communities across multiple ecological scales
CF Maurice, PJ Turnbaugh
FEMS microbiology reviews 37 (5), 830-848, 2013
A single-cell analysis of virioplankton adsorption, infection, and intracellular abundance in different bacterioplankton physiologic categories
T Bouvier, CF Maurice
Microbial ecology 62 (3), 669-678, 2011
David B
LA David, CF Maurice, NC Rachel
Gootenberg 1, 559-563, 1
Common oral medications lead to prophage induction in bacterial isolates from the human gut
SG Sutcliffe, M Shamash, AP Hynes, CF Maurice
Viruses 13 (3), 455, 2021
Quantifying and identifying the active and damaged subsets of indigenous microbial communities
CF Maurice, PJ Turnbaugh
Methods in enzymology 531, 91-107, 2013
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