Dalibor Paar
Dalibor Paar
Assistant professor, Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb
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NMR Studies of Superconducting
HJ Grafe, D Paar, G Lang, NJ Curro, G Behr, J Werner, J Hamann-Borrero, ...
Physical review letters 101 (4), 047003, 2008
Nanoscale electronic order in iron pnictides
G Lang, HJ Grafe, D Paar, F Hammerath, K Manthey, G Behr, J Werner, ...
Physical review letters 104 (9), 097001, 2010
Temperature range of superconducting fluctuations above T c in YBa 2 Cu 3 O 7− δ single crystals
MS Grbić, M Požek, D Paar, V Hinkov, M Raichle, D Haug, B Keimer, ...
Physical Review B 83 (14), 144508, 2011
Microwave response of thin niobium films under perpendicular static magnetic fields
D Janjušević, MS Grbić, M Požek, A Dulčić, D Paar, B Nebendahl, ...
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Cavity perturbation by superconducting films in microwave magnetic and electric fields
DN Peligrad, B Nebendahl, C Kessler, M Mehring, A Dulčić, M Požek, ...
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Electronic properties of LaO1− xFxFeAs in the normal state probed by NMR/NQR
HJ Grafe, G Lang, F Hammerath, D Paar, K Manthey, K Koch, H Rosner, ...
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Transport and microwave study of superconducting and magnetic RuSr 2 EuCu 2 O 8
M Požek, A Dulčić, D Paar, GVM Williams, S Krämer
Physical Review B 64 (6), 064508, 2001
Decoupled CuO_2 and RuO_2 layers in superconducting and magnetically ordered RuSr_2GdCu_2O_8
M Pozek, A Dulcic, D Paar, A Hamzic, M Basletic, E Tafra, GVM Williams, ...
arXiv preprint cond-mat/0112406, 2001
General solution for the complex frequency shift in microwave measurements of thin films
DN Peligrad, B Nebendahl, M Mehring, A Dulčić, M Požek, D Paar
Physical Review B 64 (22), 224504, 2001
Upper critical field, penetration depth, and depinning frequency of the high-temperature superconductor LaFeAsO 0.9 F 0.1 studied by microwave surface impedance
A Narduzzo, MS Grbić, M Požek, A Dulčić, D Paar, A Kondrat, C Hess, ...
Physical Review B 78 (1), 012507, 2008
Decoupled CuO 2 and RuO 2 layers in superconducting and magnetically ordered RuSr 2 GdCu 2 O 8
M Požek, A Dulčić, D Paar, A Hamzić, M Basletić, E Tafra, GVM Williams, ...
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Magnetization and microwave study of superconducting MgB 2
A Dulčić, D Paar, M Požek, GVM Williams, S Krämer, CU Jung, MS Park, ...
Physical Review B 66 (1), 014505, 2002
Physical and chemical research in Velebita pit (Croatia)
D Paar, M Ujević, D Bakšić, D Lacković, A Čop, V Radolić
Acta carsologica 37 (2/3), 273, 2008
Spatial competition of the ground states in 1111 iron pnictides
G Lang, L Veyrat, U Gräfe, F Hammerath, D Paar, G Behr, S Wurmehl, ...
Physical Review B 94 (1), 014514, 2016
Coherence lengths and anisotropy in MgB 2 superconductor
A Dulčić, M Požek, D Paar, EM Choi, HJ Kim, WN Kang, SI Lee
Physical Review B 67 (2), 020507, 2003
Physical research in Croatia’s deepest cave system: Lukina jama-Trojama, Mt. Velebit
D Paar, N Buzjak, D Bakšić, V Radolić
Jama 1026 (3176), 2003-2008, 2013
Water and air dynamics within a deep vadose zone of a karst massif: Observations from the Lukina jama–Trojama cave system (− 1,431 m) in Dinaric karst (Croatia)
A Stroj, D Paar
Hydrological processes 33 (4), 551-561, 2019
Croatia and the Deep Caves of Northern Velebit
D Bakšić, D Paar
Alpine karst, vol. 2, 2006
Ice caves in Croatia
N Buzjak, N Bočić, D Paar, D Bakšić, V Dubovečak
Ice caves, 335-369, 2018
Geochemical and mineralogical characterization of speleothems from the karst of Croatia as potential sources of data for environmental researches
D Paar, S Frančišković-Bilinski, N Buzjak, K Maldini, S Milović, S Pichler
Journal of geochemical exploration 167, 20-37, 2016
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