Tim L Burnett
Tim L Burnett
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The use of the PeakForceTM quantitative nanomechanical mapping AFM-based method for high-resolution Young's modulus measurement of polymers
TJ Young, MA Monclus, TL Burnett, WR Broughton, SL Ogin, PA Smith
Measurement Science and Technology 22 (12), 125703, 2011
Large volume serial section tomography by Xe Plasma FIB dual beam microscopy
TL Burnett, R Kelley, B Winiarski, L Contreras, M Daly, A Gholinia, ...
Ultramicroscopy 161, 119-129, 2016
Correlative tomography
TL Burnett, SA McDonald, A Gholinia, R Geurts, M Janus, T Slater, ...
Scientific reports 4 (1), 4711, 2014
Atomic-scale insights into the oxidation of aluminum
L Nguyen, T Hashimoto, DN Zakharov, EA Stach, AP Rooney, B Berkels, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 10 (3), 2230-2235, 2018
Mapping of local electrical properties in epitaxial graphene using electrostatic force microscopy
T Burnett, R Yakimova, O Kazakova
Nano letters 11 (6), 2324-2328, 2011
Crystallographic effects on the corrosion of twin roll cast AZ31 Mg alloy sheet
S Pawar, TJA Slater, TL Burnett, X Zhou, GM Scamans, Z Fan, ...
Acta Materialia 133, 90-99, 2017
Completing the picture through correlative characterization
TL Burnett, PJ Withers
Nature materials 18 (10), 1041-1049, 2019
Epitaxial graphene and graphene–based devices studied by electrical scanning probe microscopy
O Kazakova, V Panchal, TL Burnett
Crystals 3 (1), 191-233, 2013
A polar corundum oxide displaying weak ferromagnetism at room temperature
MR Li, U Adem, SRC McMitchell, Z Xu, CI Thomas, JE Warren, DV Giap, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 134 (8), 3737-3747, 2012
X-ray computed tomography study of kink bands in unidirectional composites
Y Wang, TL Burnett, Y Chai, C Soutis, PJ Hogg, PJ Withers
Composite Structures 160, 917-924, 2017
Serial sectioning in the SEM for three dimensional materials science
MLP Echlin, TL Burnett, AT Polonsky, TM Pollock, PJ Withers
Current Opinion in Solid State and Materials Science 24 (2), 100817, 2020
Nanocomposites of graphene nanoplatelets in natural rubber: microstructure and mechanisms of reinforcement
RJY Suhao Li, Zheling Li, Timothy L. Burnett, Thomas J. A. Slater, Teruo ...
Journal of Materials Science, 1-15, 2017
High resolution low kV EBSD of heavily deformed and nanocrystalline Aluminium by dictionary-based indexing
S Singh, Y Guo, B Winiarski, TL Burnett, PJ Withers, M De Graef
Scientific reports 8 (1), 10991, 2018
Multiscale analysis of grain boundary microstructure in high strength 7xxx Al alloys
A Garner, R Euesden, Y Yao, Y Aboura, H Zhao, J Donoghue, M Curioni, ...
Acta Materialia 202, 190-210, 2021
X-ray computed tomographic investigation of the porosity and morphology of plasma electrolytic oxidation coatings
X Zhang, S Aliasghari, A Nemcova, TL Burnett, I Kubena, M Smid, ...
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 8 (13), 8801-8810, 2016
A multi-scale correlative investigation of ductile fracture
M Daly, TL Burnett, EJ Pickering, OCG Tuck, F Léonard, R Kelley, ...
Acta Materialia 130, 56-68, 2017
Environmental cracking performance of new generation thick plate 7000-T7x series alloys in humid air
E Schwarzenböck, E Ollivier, A Garner, A Cassell, T Hack, Z Barrett, ...
Corrosion Science 171, 108701, 2020
Improved understanding of environment-induced cracking (EIC) of sensitized 5XXX series aluminium alloys
NJH Holroyd, TL Burnett, M Seifi, JJ Lewandowski
Materials Science and Engineering: A 682, 613-621, 2017
Multiscale correlative tomography: an investigation of creep cavitation in 316 stainless steel
TJA Slater, RS Bradley, G Bertali, R Geurts, SM Northover, MG Burke, ...
Scientific reports 7 (1), 7332, 2017
X-Ray tomographic characterisation of pitting corrosion in lean duplex stainless steel
K Eguchi, TL Burnett, DL Engelberg
Corrosion Science 165, 108406, 2020
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