Andrei Badescu
Andrei Badescu
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Extremes on the discounted aggregate claims in a time dependent risk model
AV Asimit, AL Badescu
Scandinavian Actuarial Journal 2010 (2), 93-104, 2010
Risk processes analyzed as fluid queues
A Badescu, L Breuer, A Da Silva Soares, G Latouche, MA Remiche, ...
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AL Badescu, ECK Cheung, D Landriault
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Fitting mixtures of Erlangs to censored and truncated data using the EM algorithm
V Roel, G Lan, K Antonio, A Badescu, XS Lin
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On the analysis of the Gerber–Shiu discounted penalty function for risk processes with Markovian arrivals
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A Badescu, S Drekic, D Landriault
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Analysis of a threshold dividend strategy for a MAP risk model
A Badescu, S Drekic, D Landriault
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A marked Cox model for the number of IBNR claims: Theory
AL Badescu, XS Lin, D Tang
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A two-dimensional risk model with proportional reinsurance
AL Badescu, ECK Cheung, L Rabehasaina
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A Badescu, G Lan, XS Lin, D Tang
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L Gong, AL Badescu, ECK Cheung
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Applications of fluid flow matrix analytic methods in ruin theory—a review
AL Badescu, D Landriault
RACSAM-Revista de la Real Academia de Ciencias Exactas, Fisicas y Naturales …, 2009
A marked Cox model for the number of IBNR claims: estimation and application
A Badescu, XS Lin, D Tang
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On the absolute ruin problem in a Sparre Andersen risk model with constant interest
IR Mitric, AL Badescu, DA Stanford
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Recursive calculation of the dividend moments in a multi-threshold risk model
A Badescu, D Landriault
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“The Discounted Joint Distribution of the Surplus Prior to Ruin and the Deficit at Ruin in a Sparre Andersen Model,” Jiandong Ren, July 2007
AL Badescu
North American Actuarial Journal 12 (2), 210-212, 2008
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