Josip Miklečić
Josip Miklečić
University of Zagreb Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology, Department of Furniture and Wood in
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Influence of TiO2 and ZnO nanoparticles on properties of waterborne polyacrylate coating exposed to outdoor conditions
J Miklečić, SL Blagojević, M Petrič, V Jirouš-Rajković
Progress in Organic Coatings 89, 67-74, 2015
Discolouration of thermally modified wood during simulated indoor sunlight exposure
J Miklecic, V Jirouš-Rajković, A Antonović, N Španić
BioResources 6 (1), 434-446, 2011
Weathering performance of surface of thermally modified wood finished with nanoparticles-modified waterborne polyacrylate coatings
J Miklečić, H Turkulin, V Jirouš-Rajković
Applied Surface Science 408, 103-109, 2017
Wood color changes by ammonia fuming
J Miklečić, N Španić, V Jirouš-Rajković
BioResources 7 (3), 3767-3778, 2012
Colour changes of modified oak wood in indoor environment
J Miklečić, A Kaša, V Jirouš-Rajković
European Journal of Wood and Wood Products 70 (1-3), 385-387, 2012
Influence of thermal modification on surface properties and chemical composition of beech wood (Fagus sylvatica L.)
J Miklečić, V Jirouš-Rajković
Drvna industrija: Znanstveni časopis za pitanja drvne tehnologije 67 (1), 65-71, 2016
Heat-treated wood as a substrate for coatings, weathering of heat-treated wood, and coating performance on heat-treated wood
V Jirouš-Rajković, J Miklečić
Advances in Materials Science and Engineering 2019, 2019
Accelerated Weathering of Coated and Uncoated Beech Wood Modified with Citric Acid.
J Miklečić, V Jirouš-Rajković
Wood Industry/Drvna Industrija 62 (4), 2011
Postojanost poliakrilatnih nanopremaza na toplinski modificiranom drvu
J Miklečić
University of Zagreb. Faculty of Forestry, 2016
Oils usage in finishing of thermally modified wood in outdoor applications
J Miklečić, V Jirouš-Rajković, S Pervan, S Grujić
Proceedings of the 21th International scientific conference Wood is good …, 2010
Usporivači gorenja drva.
V Jirouš-Rajković, J Miklečić
Wood Industry/Drvna Industrija 60 (2), 2009
Weathering Resistance of Modified Wood-A Review
V Jirouš-Rajković, J Miklečić
Annual of the Croatian Academy of Engineering, 223-246, 2018
The impact of sanding and curing time on quality of coated wood surface
J Miklečić, V Jirouš-Rajković, M Šaško
27 th International Conference on Wood Modification and Technology …, 2016
Durability of Polyacrylate Nanocoatings on Thermally Modified Wood
J Miklečić
Doctoral thesis, 2014
Innovative test methods for determination of the wood hardness and density
T Sedlar, V Živković, H Turkulin, J Miklečić, G Muihulja, M Klarić
Enhancing EU-Competitiveness of Croatian Wood Flooring Industry. Zagreb …, 2015
Possibilities of Bio Matrices Synthesis from Waste MDF Boards
N Španić, V Jambreković, M Klarić, J Miklečić
Neményi, M., Varga, L., Facskó, F., Lörincz, I, 99-104, 2013
Fire retardants for wood
V Jirouš-Rajković, J Miklečić
Drvna industrija: Znanstveni časopis za pitanja drvne tehnologije 60 (2 …, 2009
Photoresistance of heat treated wood in interior use
J Miklečić, V Jirouš-Rajković, S Čmarec
Proceedings of the 19th International Scientific Conference Wood is Good …, 2008
Effectiveness of finishes in protecting wood from liquid water and water vapor
J Miklečić, V Jirouš-Rajković
Journal of Building Engineering 43, 102621, 2021
The Impact of Post-Manufacture Treatments on the Surface Characteristics Important for Finishing of OSB and Particleboard
A Copak, V Jirouš-Rajković, N Španić, J Miklečić
Forests 12 (8), 975, 2021
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