Carlos Torres-Verdin
Carlos Torres-Verdin
University of Texas at Austin, Cockrell School of Engineering
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Assessing the utility of FIB-SEM images for shale digital rock physics
S Kelly, H El-Sobky, C Torres-Verdín, MT Balhoff
Advances in water resources 95, 302-316, 2016
Rapid 2.5-dimensional forward modeling and inversion via a new nonlinear scattering approximation
C Torres-Verdín, TM Habashy
Radio Science 29 (04), 1051-1079, 1994
Principles of spatial surface electric field filtering in magnetotellurics: Electromagnetic array profiling (EMAP)
C Torres-Verdin, FX Bostick Jr
Geophysics 57 (4), 603-622, 1992
Numerical simulation of shale-gas production: from pore-scale modeling of slip-flow, Knudsen diffusion, and Langmuir desorption to reservoir modeling of compressible fluid
V Shabro, C Torres-Verdin, F Javadpour
SPE Unconventional Resources Conference/Gas Technology Symposium, SPE-144355-MS, 2011
Electrical conductivity, induced polarization, and permeability of the Fontainebleau sandstone
A Revil, P Kessouri, C Torres-Verdín
Geophysics 79 (5), D301-D318, 2014
Trace-based and geostatistical inversion of 3-D seismic data for thin-sand delineation: An application in San Jorge Basin, Argentina
C Torres-Verdin, M Victoria, G Merletti, J Pendrel
The Leading Edge 18 (9), 1070-1077, 1999
Crosshole electromagnetic tomography: A new technology for oil field characterization
M Wilt, HF Morrison, A Becker, HW Tseng, K Lee, C Torres-Verdin, ...
The Leading Edge 14 (3), 173-177, 1995
Random-walk technique for simulating NMR measurements and 2D NMR maps of porous media with relaxing and permeable boundaries
E Toumelin, C Torres-Verdín, B Sun, KJ Dunn
Journal of Magnetic Resonance 188 (1), 83-96, 2007
Forecasting gas production in organic shale with the combined numerical simulation of gas diffusion in kerogen, Langmuir desorption from kerogen surfaces, and advection in …
V Shabro, C Torres-Verdin, K Sepehrnoori
SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition?, SPE-159250-MS, 2012
Finite-difference approximation for fluid-flow simulation and calculation of permeability in porous media
V Shabro, C Torres-Verdín, F Javadpour, K Sepehrnoori
Transport in porous media 94, 775-793, 2012
Numerical simulation of mud-filtrate invasion in deviated wells
J Wu, C Torres-Verdin, K Sepehrnoori, M Delshad
SPE Reservoir Evaluation & Engineering 7 (02), 143-154, 2004
Fast 1D inversion of logging-while-drilling resistivity measurements for improved estimation of formation resistivity in high-angle and horizontal wells
D Pardo, C Torres-Verdín
Geophysics 80 (2), E111-E124, 2015
Finite-difference simulation of borehole EM measurements in 3D anisotropic media using coupled scalar-vector potentials
J Hou, RK Mallan, C Torres-Verdín
Geophysics 71 (5), G225-G233, 2006
Interfacial polarization of disseminated conductive minerals in absence of redox-active species—Part 1: Mechanistic model and validation
S Misra, C Torres-Verdín, A Revil, J Rasmus, D Homan
Geophysics 81 (2), E139-E157, 2016
Complex conductivity tensor of anisotropic hydrocarbon-bearing shales and mudrocks
A Revil, WF Woodruff, C Torres-Verdín, M Prasad
Geophysics 78 (6), D403-D418, 2013
A self-adaptive goal-oriented hp-finite element method with electromagnetic applications. Part II: Electrodynamics
D Pardo, L Demkowicz, C Torres-Verdin, M Paszynski
Computer methods in applied mechanics and engineering 196 (37-40), 3585-3597, 2007
The influence of water-base mud properties and petrophysical parameters on mudcake growth, filtrate invasion, and formation pressure
J Wu, C Torres-Verdín, K Sepehrnoori, MA Proett
Petrophysics 46 (1), 14-32, 2005
Grain shape effects on permeability, formation factor, and capillary pressure from pore-scale modeling
T Torskaya, V Shabro, C Torres-Verdín, R Salazar-Tio, A Revil
Transport in porous media 102, 71-90, 2014
Improved estimation of mineral and fluid volumetric concentrations from well logs in thinly bedded and invaded formations
Z Heidari, C Torres-Verdín, WE Preeg
Geophysics 77 (3), WA79-WA98, 2012
A goal‐oriented hp‐adaptive finite element method with electromagnetic applications. Part I: electrostatics
D Pardo, L Demkowicz, C Torres‐Verdín, L Tabarovsky
International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering 65 (8), 1269-1309, 2006
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