Alberto Huertas Celdran
Alberto Huertas Celdran
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Federated learning for malware detection in IoT devices
V Rey, PMS Sánchez, AH Celdrán, G Bovet
Computer Networks 204, 108693, 2022
Decentralized Federated Learning: Fundamentals, State-of-the-art, Frameworks, Trends, and Challenges
E Tomás Martínez Beltrán, M Quiles Pérez, PM Sánchez Sánchez, ...
IEEE Communications Surveys & Tutorials, 2023
Intelligent and dynamic ransomware spread detection and mitigation in integrated clinical environments
L Fernandez Maimo, A Huertas Celdran, AL Perales Gomez, ...
Sensors 19 (5), 1114, 2019
SeCoMan: A semantic-aware policy framework for developing privacy-preserving and context-aware smart applications
AH Celdrán, FJG Clemente, MG Pérez, GM Pérez
IEEE Systems Journal 10 (3), 1111-1124, 2014
A survey on device behavior fingerprinting: Data sources, techniques, application scenarios, and datasets
PMS Sánchez, JMJ Valero, AH Celdrán, G Bovet, MG Pérez, GM Pérez
IEEE Communications Surveys & Tutorials 23 (2), 1048-1077, 2021
On the generation of anomaly detection datasets in industrial control systems
ÁLP Gómez, LF Maimó, AH Celdrán, FJG Clemente, CC Sarmiento, ...
IEEE Access 7, 177460-177473, 2019
Security in brain-computer interfaces: state-of-the-art, opportunities, and future challenges
SL Bernal, AH Celdrán, GM Pérez, MT Barros, S Balasubramaniam
ACM Computing Surveys (CSUR) 54 (1), 1-35, 2021
Spotting political social bots in Twitter: A use case of the 2019 Spanish general election
J Pastor-Galindo, M Zago, P Nespoli, SL Bernal, AH Celdrán, MG Pérez, ...
IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management 17 (4), 2156-2170, 2020
Dynamic management of a deep learning-based anomaly detection system for 5G networks
L Fernández Maimó, A Huertas Celdrán, M Gil Pérez, FJ García Clemente, ...
Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized Computing 10, 3083-3097, 2019
Madics: A methodology for anomaly detection in industrial control systems
ÁL Perales Gómez, L Fernández Maimó, A Huertas Celdrán, ...
Symmetry 12 (10), 1583, 2020
Design of a recommender system based on users’ behavior and collaborative location and tracking
AH Celdrán, MG Pérez, FJG Clemente, GM Pérez
Journal of Computational Science 12, 83-94, 2016
Dynamic reconfiguration in 5G mobile networks to proactively detect and mitigate botnets
MG Pérez, AH Celdrán, F Ippoliti, PG Giardina, G Bernini, RM Alaez, ...
IEEE Internet Computing 21 (5), 28-36, 2017
Sustainable securing of medical cyber-physical systems for the healthcare of the future
AH Celdrán, MG Pérez, FJG Clemente, GM Pérez
Sustainable Computing: Informatics and Systems 19, 138-146, 2018
Intelligent and behavioral-based detection of malware in IoT spectrum sensors
AH Celdrán, PMS Sánchez, MA Castillo, G Bovet, GM Pérez, B Stiller
International Journal of Information Security 22 (3), 541-561, 2023
AI and ML–Enablers for beyond 5G Networks
A Kaloxylos, A Gavras, D Camps Mur, M Ghoraishi, H Hrasnica
Self-organized laboratories for smart campus
AH Celdrán, FJG Clemente, J Saenz, L De La Torre, C Salzmann, D Gillet
IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies 13 (2), 404-416, 2019
Towards the autonomous provision of self-protection capabilities in 5G networks
A Huertas Celdrán, M Gil Pérez, FJ García Clemente, G Martínez Pérez
Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized Computing 10, 4707-4720, 2019
Improving the security and QoE in mobile devices through an intelligent and adaptive continuous authentication system
JM Jorquera Valero, PM Sanchez Sanchez, L Fernandez Maimo, ...
Sensors 18 (11), 3769, 2018
Cyberattacks on miniature brain implants to disrupt spontaneous neural signaling
SL Bernal, AH Celdran, LF Maimo, MT Barros, S Balasubramaniam, ...
Ieee Access 8, 152204-152222, 2020
SafeMan: A unified framework to manage cybersecurity and safety in manufacturing industry
ÁL Perales Gómez, L Fernández Maimó, A Huertas Celdrán, ...
Software: Practice and Experience 51 (3), 607-627, 2021
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