Natália C. Carvalho
Natália C. Carvalho
Postdoctoral researcher, University of Calgary
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Rigorous analysis of highly tunable cylindrical transverse magnetic mode re-entrant cavities
JM Le Floch, Y Fan, M Aubourg, D Cros, NC Carvalho, Q Shan, J Bourhill, ...
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Status report of the Schenberg gravitational wave antenna
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Quasinormal-mode perturbation theory for dissipative and dispersive optomechanics
AG Primo, NC Carvalho, CM Kersul, NC Frateschi, GS Wiederhecker, ...
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Discovery of iron group impurity ion spin states in single crystal Y2SiO5 with strong coupling to whispering gallery photons
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Piezoelectric tunable microwave superconducting cavity
N C Carvalho, Y Fan, ME Tobar
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Diamond integrated quantum nanophotonics: spins, photons and phonons
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Multi-mode technique for the determination of the biaxial Y2SiO5 permittivity tensor from 300 to 6 K
NC Carvalho, JM Le Floch, J Krupka, ME Tobar
Applied Physics Letters 106 (19), 2015
Piezoelectric voltage coupled reentrant cavity resonator
NC Carvalho, Y Fan, JM Le Floch, ME Tobar
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Piezo-optomechanical coupling of a 3D microwave resonator to a bulk acoustic wave crystalline resonator
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Accurate modeling and characterization of photothermal forces in optomechanics
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Low-temperature microwave properties of biaxial
NC Carvalho, M Goryachev, J Krupka, P Bushev, ME Tobar
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High sensitivity niobium parametric transducer for the Mario Schenberg gravitational wave detector
LAN De Paula, EC Ferreira, NC Carvalho, OD Aguiar
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High-frequency GaAs optomechanical bullseye resonator
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APL photonics 6 (1), 2021
Generation of coherent phonons via a cavity enhanced photonic lambda scheme
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Applied Physics Letters 117 (16), 2020
Multimode diamond cavity optomechanics
P Behjat, PK Shandilya, B Behera, NC Carvalho, PE Barclay
2022 IEEE Photonics Conference (IPC), 1-2, 2022
Non-Hermitian Optomechanics
AG Primo, NC Carvalho, CM Kersul, GS Wiederhecker, NC Frateschi, ...
CLEO: QELS_Fundamental Science, FTh3C. 3, 2020
High-frequency GaAs bullseye optomechanical resonator
NC Carvalho, R Benevides, M Ménard, GS Wiederhecker, NC Frateschi, ...
2020 Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (CLEO), 1-2, 2020
Overcoming optical spring effect with thermo-opto-mechanical coupling in GaAs microdisks
R Benevides, NC Carvalho, M Ménard, NC Frateschi, GS Wiederhecker, ...
Latin America Optics and Photonics Conference, W4D. 4, 2018
Sensitivity characterisation of a parametric transducer for gravitational wave detection through optical spring effect
NC Carvalho, J Bourhill, ME Tobar, OD Aguiar
Classical and Quantum Gravity 34 (17), 175001, 2017
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