Ozge Akbulut
Ozge Akbulut
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Superwetting nanowire membranes for selective absorption
J Yuan, X Liu, O Akbulut, J Hu, SL Suib, J Kong, F Stellacci
Nature nanotechnology 3 (6), 332-336, 2008
Integration of paper-based microfluidic devices with commercial electrochemical readers
Z Nie, F Deiss, X Liu, O Akbulut, GM Whitesides
Lab on a Chip 10 (22), 3163-3169, 2010
Separation of nanoparticles in aqueous multiphase systems through centrifugation
O Akbulut, CR Mace, RV Martinez, AA Kumar, Z Nie, MR Patton, ...
Nano letters 12 (8), 4060-4064, 2012
Aqueous multiphase systems of polymers and surfactants provide self-assembling step-gradients in density
CR Mace, O Akbulut, AA Kumar, ND Shapiro, R Derda, MR Patton, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 134 (22), 9094-9097, 2012
Modified poly (carboxylate ether)-based superplasticizer for enhanced flowability of calcined clay-limestone-gypsum blended Portland cement
O Akhlaghi, T Aytas, B Tatli, D Sezer, A Hodaei, A Favier, K Scrivener, ...
Cement and Concrete Research 101, 114-122, 2017
Poly (carboxylate ether)-based superplasticizer achieves workability retention in calcium aluminate cement
O Akhlaghi, YZ Menceloglu, O Akbulut
Scientific reports 7 (1), 41743, 2017
Single additive enables 3D printing of highly loaded iron oxide suspensions
A Hodaei, O Akhlaghi, N Khani, T Aytas, D Sezer, B Tatli, YZ Menceloglu, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 10 (11), 9873-9881, 2018
Application of supramolecular nanostamping to the replication of DNA nanoarrays
O Akbulut, JM Jung, RD Bennett, Y Hu, HT Jung, RE Cohen, AM Mayes, ...
Nano letters 7 (11), 3493-3498, 2007
Conductivity hysteresis in polymer electrolytes incorporating poly (tetrahydrofuran)
O Akbulut, I Taniguchi, S Kumar, Y Shao-Horn, AM Mayes
Electrochimica acta 52 (5), 1983-1989, 2007
Fabrication of biomolecular devices via supramolecular contact-based approaches
O Akbulut, AA Yu, F Stellacci
Chemical Society Reviews 39 (1), 30-37, 2010
Silicone-based composite materials simulate breast tissue to be used as ultrasonography training phantoms
B Ustbas, D Kilic, A Bozkurt, ME Aribal, O Akbulut
Ultrasonics 88, 9-15, 2018
Silicone-based simulation models for peripheral nerve microsurgery
BU Gul, DK Yanilmaz, D Arslan, M Bayramicli, O Akbulut
Journal of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery 72 (3), 477-483, 2019
Fourier transform infrared and 1h nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopic findings of silicone oil removed from eyes and the relationship of emulsification with retinotomy and …
H Güngel, Y Menceoglu, B Yildiz, Ö Akbulut
Retina 25 (3), 332-338, 2005
Incorporating steric hindrance into the additive design enables a robust formulation of alumina ink for extrusion-based 3D printing
Z Goharibajestani, O Akhlaghi, C Akaoglu, F Afghah, N Khani, A Hodaei, ...
ACS Applied Polymer Materials 1 (12), 3279-3285, 2019
Extensional rheology and stability behavior of alumina suspensions in the presence of AMPS-modified polycarboxylate ether-based copolymers
O Akhlaghi, O Akbulut, YZ Menceloglu
Colloid and Polymer Science 293, 2867-2876, 2015
Shear and extensional rheological characterization of poly (acrylonitrile)/halloysite nanocomposite solutions
O Akhlaghi, O Akbulut, YZ Menceloglu
European Polymer Journal 73, 17-25, 2015
Hierarchical organization of structurally colored cholesteric phases of cellulose via 3D printing
T Balcerowski, B Ozbek, O Akbulut, AG Dumanli
Small 19 (8), 2205506, 2023
Silicone-based composites as surgical breast models for oncoplasty training
D Kilic, B Ustbas, EP Budak, H Eyisoylu, C Yilmaz, B Eldem, O Akbulut
Procedia engineering 159, 104-107, 2016
Rheological behavior of poly(acrylonitrile) concentrated solutions: effect of Sb2O3 nanoparticles on shear and extensional flow
O Akhlaghi, YZ Menceloglu, O Akbulut
Colloid and Polymer Science 294, 1463-1473, 2016
The breathing wall (BRALL)—triggering life (in) animate surfaces
EP Budak, O Zirhli, AA Stokes, O Akbulut
Leonardo 49 (2), 162-163, 2016
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