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Quantitative time-resolved phosphoproteomic analysis of mast cell signaling
L Cao, K Yu, C Banh, V Nguyen, A Ritz, BJ Raphael, Y Kawakami, ...
The Journal of Immunology 179 (9), 5864-5876, 2007
Acetylation of drosha on the N-terminus inhibits its degradation by ubiquitination
X Tang, S Wen, D Zheng, L Tucker, L Cao, D Pantazatos, SF Moss, ...
PloS one 8 (8), e72503, 2013
A new approach for quantitative phosphoproteomic dissection of signaling pathways applied to T cell receptor activation
V Nguyen, L Cao, JT Lin, N Hung, A Ritz, K Yu, R Jianu, SP Ulin, ...
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Selectivity of monolithic supports under overloading conditions and their use for separation of human plasma and isolation of low abundance proteins
M Brgles, J Clifton, R Walsh, F Huang, M Rucevic, L Cao, D Hixson, ...
Journal of Chromatography A 1218 (17), 2389-2395, 2011
Neuronal extracellular vesicle derived miR-98 prevents salvageable neurons from microglial phagocytosis in acute ischemic stroke
J Yang, LL Cao, XP Wang, W Guo, RB Guo, YQ Sun, TF Xue, ZY Cai, J Ji, ...
Cell death & disease 12 (1), 1-16, 2021
S1 PR 3 is essential for phosphorylated fingolimod to protect astrocytes against oxygen‐glucose deprivation‐induced neuroinflammation via inhibiting TLR 2/4‐NF κB signalling
YF Dong, RB Guo, J Ji, LL Cao, L Zhang, ZZ Chen, JY Huang, J Wu, J Lu, ...
Journal of cellular and molecular medicine 22 (6), 3159-3166, 2018
Quantitative phosphoproteomics reveals SLP-76 dependent regulation of PAG and Src family kinases in T cells
L Cao, Y Ding, N Hung, K Yu, A Ritz, BJ Raphael, AR Salomon
Public Library of Science 7 (10), e46725, 2012
Mass spectrometry-based analysis of rat liver and hepatocellular carcinoma Morris hepatoma 7777 plasma membrane proteome
L Cao, JG Clifton, W Reutter, D Josic
Analytical chemistry 85 (17), 8112-8120, 2013
Visual integration of quantitative proteomic data, pathways, and protein interactions
R Jianu, K Yu, L Cao, V Nguyen, AR Salomon, DH Laidlaw
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Protease inhibitors as possible pitfalls in proteomic analyses of complex biological samples
J Clifton, F Huang, M Rucevic, L Cao, D Hixson, D Josic
Journal of proteomics 74 (7), 935-941, 2011
Activation of ATP-sensitive potassium channel by iptakalim normalizes stress-induced HPA axis disorder and depressive behaviour by alleviating inflammation and oxidative stress …
XJ Zhao, Z Zhao, DD Yang, LL Cao, L Zhang, J Ji, J Gu, JY Huang, ...
Brain Research Bulletin 130, 146-155, 2017
High-throughput fractionation of human plasma for fast enrichment of low-and high-abundance proteins
L Breen, L Cao, K Eom, MS Gajdosik, L Camara, J Giacometti, DE Dupuy, ...
Blood Transfusion 10 (Suppl 2), s89, 2012
Proteome alterations in response to aristolochic acids in experimental animal model
M Rucevic, T Rosenquist, L Breen, L Cao, J Clifton, D Hixson, D Josic
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Sample preparation and further proteomic investigation of the inhibitory activity of pyridinium oximes to Gram-positive and Gram-negative food pathogens
M SRAJER GAJDOSIK, D Gaso-Sokac, H Pavlovic, J Clifton, L Breen, ...
Food research international 51 (1), 46-52, 2013
MicroRNA-99a is a potential target for regulating hypothalamic synaptic plasticity in the peri/postmenopausal depression model
J Yang, L Zhang, LL Cao, J Qi, P Li, XP Wang, XL Sun
Cells 8 (9), 1081, 2019
PPARβ/δ activation protects against corticosterone-induced ER stress in astrocytes by inhibiting the CpG hypermethylation of microRNA-181a
J Ji, XN Zeng, LL Cao, L Zhang, Z Zhao, DD Yang, XL Sun
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Phosphoproteomic analysis of lymphocyte signaling
L Cao, K Yu, AR Salomon
Lymphocyte Signal Transduction, 277-288, 2006
Establishment and evaluation of a novel mouse model of peri/postmenopausal depression
L Zhang, LL Cao, DD Yang, JH Ding, XD Guo, TF Xue, XJ Zhao, XL Sun
Heliyon 5 (2), e01195, 2019
Assessment of molecular differentiation in FFPE colon adenocarcinoma tissues using PCA analysis of MALDI IMS spectral data
I Panderi
Journal of Applied Bionalysis 3 (4), 81, 2017
Quantitative phosphoproteomic analysis to unravel mast cell and T cell signaling pathways
L Cao
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