Evangelos Siminos
Evangelos Siminos
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On the state space geometry of the Kuramoto–Sivashinsky flow in a periodic domain
P Cvitanović, RL Davidchack, E Siminos
SIAM Journal on Applied Dynamical Systems 9 (1), 1-33, 2010
Direct observation of the injection dynamics of a laser wakefield accelerator using few-femtosecond shadowgraphy
A Sävert, SPD Mangles, M Schnell, E Siminos, JM Cole, M Leier, ...
Physical Review Letters 115 (5), 055002, 2015
Effect of electron heating on self-induced transparency in relativistic-intensity laser-plasma interactions
E Siminos, M Grech, S Skupin, T Schlegel, VT Tikhonchuk
Physical Review E 86 (5), 056404, 2012
Reduction of SO (2) symmetry for spatially extended dynamical systems
NB Budanur, P Cvitanović, RL Davidchack, E Siminos
Physical review letters 114 (8), 084102, 2015
Continuous symmetry reduction and return maps for high-dimensional flows
E Siminos, P Cvitanović
Physica D: Nonlinear Phenomena 240 (2), 187-198, 2011
Estimating the Dimension of an Inertial Manifold from Unstable Periodic Orbits
X Ding, H Chaté, P Cvitanović, E Siminos, KA Takeuchi
Physical Review Letters 117 (2), 024101, 2016
Nonlinear group velocity of an electron plasma wave
D Bénisti, O Morice, L Gremillet, E Siminos, DJ Strozzi
Physics of Plasmas 17 (8), 082301, 2010
Cartography of high-dimensional flows: A visual guide to sections and slices
P Cvitanović, D Borrero-Echeverry, KM Carroll, B Robbins, E Siminos
Chaos: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Nonlinear Science 22 (4), 047506, 2012
Enhanced target normal sheath acceleration using colliding laser pulses
J Ferri, E Siminos, T Fülöp
Communications Physics 2 (1), 1-8, 2019
Nonlinear kinetic description of Raman growth using an envelope code, and comparisons with Vlasov simulations
D Bénisti, O Morice, L Gremillet, E Siminos, DJ Strozzi
Physics of plasmas 17 (10), 102311, 2010
Saturation mechanisms of backward stimulated Raman scattering in a one-dimensional geometry
A Friou, D Bénisti, L Gremillet, E Lefebvre, O Morice, E Siminos, ...
Physics of Plasmas 20 (10), 103103, 2013
Quasiperiodic oscillations and homoclinic orbits in the nonlinear nonlocal Schrödinger equation
F Maucher, E Siminos, W Krolikowski, S Skupin
New Journal of Physics 15 (8), 083055, 2013
Interaction of spatially overlapping standing electromagnetic solitons in plasmas
V Saxena, I Kourakis, G Sanchez-Arriaga, E Siminos
Physics Letters A 377 (6), 473-477, 2013
Self-organization and threshold of stimulated Raman scattering
D Bénisti, O Morice, L Gremillet, E Siminos, DJ Strozzi
Physical review letters 105 (1), 015001, 2010
Kinetic and finite ion mass effects on the transition to relativistic self-induced transparency in laser-driven ion acceleration
E Siminos, M Grech, BS Wettervik, T Fülöp
New Journal of Physics 19 (12), 123042, 2017
Relativistic breather-type solitary waves with linear polarization in cold plasmas
G Sánchez-Arriaga, E Siminos, V Saxena, I Kourakis
Physical Review E 91 (3), 033102, 2015
Relativistic solitary waves modulating long laser pulses in plasmas
G Sánchez-Arriaga, E Siminos, E Lefebvre
Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 53 (4), 045011, 2011
Electron Beam Driven Generation of Frequency-Tunable Isolated Relativistic Subcycle Pulses
I Thiele, E Siminos, T Fülöp
Physical Review Letters 122 (10), 104803, 2019
Relativistic Vlasov-Maxwell modelling using finite volumes and adaptive mesh refinement
BS Wettervik, TC DuBois, E Siminos, T Fülöp
The European Physical Journal D 71 (6), 1-14, 2017
Relativistic solitary waves with phase modulation embedded in long laser pulses in plasmas
G Sanchez-Arriaga, E Siminos, E Lefebvre
Physics of Plasmas 18 (8), 082304, 2011
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