Shouvik Chattopadhyay, FRSC
Shouvik Chattopadhyay, FRSC
Professor, Department of Chemistry, Jadavpur University
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Nickel (II) and copper (II) complexes of tetradentate unsymmetrical Schiff base ligands: first evidence of positional isomerism in such system
S Chattopadhyay, MS Ray, S Chaudhuri, G Mukhopadhyay, G Bocelli, ...
Inorganica chimica acta 359 (5), 1367-1375, 2006
First oxidative synthetic route of a novel, linear mixed valence Co (III) Co (II) Co (III) complex with bridging acetate and salen
S Chattopadhyay, G Bocelli, A Musatti, A Ghosh
Inorganic Chemistry Communications 9 (10), 1053-1057, 2006
Control of molecular architecture by steric factors: mononuclear vs polynuclear manganese(III) compounds with tetradentate N2O2 donor Schiff bases
P Bhowmik, HP Nayek, M Corbella, N Aliaga-Alcalde, S Chattopadhyay
Dalton Transactions 40 (31), 7916-7926, 2011
Application of a novel 2D cadmium (II)-MOF in the formation of a photo-switch with a substantial on–off ratio
S Roy, A Dey, PP Ray, J Ortega-Castro, A Frontera, S Chattopadhyay
Chemical Communications 51 (65), 12974-12976, 2015
Synthesis, structure and magnetic properties of mono-and di-nuclear nickel (II) thiocyanate complexes with tridentate N3 donor Schiff bases
P Bhowmik, S Chattopadhyay, MGB Drew, C Diaz, A Ghosh
Polyhedron 29 (13), 2637-2642, 2010
Facile synthesis of Cu (II) complexes of monocondensed N, N, N donor Schiff base ligands: Crystal structure, spectroscopic and magnetic properties
S Chattopadhyay, MS Ray, MGB Drew, A Figuerola, C Diaz, A Ghosh
Polyhedron 25 (11), 2241-2253, 2006
Trinuclear CuII Complexes Containing Peripheral Ketonic Oxygen Bridges and a μ3‐OH Core: Syntheses, Crystal Structures, Spectroscopic and Magnetic Properties
M Sinha Ray, S Chattopadhyay, MGB Drew, A Figuerola, J Ribas, C Diaz, ...
European journal of inorganic chemistry 2005 (22), 4562-4571, 2005
Synthesis, characterization and phenoxazinone synthase mimicking activity of cobalt(III) Schiff base complexes
K Ghosh, K Harms, S Chattopadhyay
Polyhedron 123, 162-175, 2017
Methylene Spacer‐Regulated Structural Variation in Cobalt (II/III) Complexes with Bridging Acetate and Salen‐or Salpn‐Type Schiff‐Base Ligands
S Chattopadhyay, MGB Drew, A Ghosh
European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry 2008 (10), 1693-1701, 2008
Three mononuclear octahedral cobalt (III) complexes with salicylaldimine Schiff bases: Synthesis, characterization, phenoxazinone synthase mimicking activity and DFT study on …
K Ghosh, S Roy, A Ghosh, A Banerjee, A Bauzá, A Frontera, ...
Polyhedron 112, 6-17, 2016
Synthesis, crystal structure and hydrolysis of a dinuclear copper (II) complex constructed by N2O donor Schiff base and 4, 4′-bipyridine: Discrete supra-molecular ensembles vs …
C Biswas, S Chattopadhyay, MGB Drew, A Ghosh
Polyhedron 26 (15), 4411-4418, 2007
Nickel (II) complexes of terdentate or symmetrical tetradentate Schiff bases: evidence of the influence of the counter anions in the hydrolysis of the imine bond in Schiff base …
S Chattopadhyay, P Chakraborty, MGB Drew, A Ghosh
Inorganica Chimica Acta 362 (2), 502-508, 2009
Heteronuclear cobalt (III)/sodium complexes with salen type compartmental Schiff base ligands: methylene spacer regulated variation in nuclearity
K Ghosh, K Harms, A Bauzá, A Frontera, S Chattopadhyay
Dalton Transactions 47 (2), 331-347, 2018
Formation of three photoluminescent zinc (II) complexes with Zn2O2 cores: Examples of bi-dentate bonding modes of potentially tri-and tetra-dentate Schiff bases
A Bhattacharyya, S Sen, K Harms, S Chattopadhyay
Polyhedron 88, 156-163, 2015
Synthesis, characterization, and anion selectivity of copper (II) complexes with a tetradentate Schiff base ligand
S Chattopadhyay, MGB Drew, A Ghosh
Inorganica chimica acta 359 (14), 4519-4525, 2006
Estimation of conventional C–H⋯ π (arene), unconventional C–H⋯ π (chelate) and C–H⋯ π (thiocyanate) interactions in hetero-nuclear nickel(II)–cadmium(II) complexes with a …
S Roy, MGB Drew, A Bauzá, A Frontera, S Chattopadhyay
Dalton Transactions 46 (16), 5384-5397, 2017
Anion directed templated synthesis of mono-and di-Schiff base complexes of Ni(II)
S Chattopadhyay, MGB Drew, A Ghosh
Polyhedron 26 (14), 3513-3522, 2007
Unique example of a trigonal dodecahedral Na+ in a compartmental Schiff base N, N′-(1, 2-Phenylene)-bis (3-methoxysalicylideneimine)
M Das, S Chatterjee, S Chattopadhyay
Inorganic Chemistry Communications 14 (9), 1337-1340, 2011
Synthesis and characterization of nickel (II) and copper (II) complexes with tetradentate Schiff base ligands
P Bhowmik, MGB Drew, S Chattopadhyay
Inorganica Chimica Acta 366 (1), 62-67, 2011
A polynuclear helical and two dinuclear copper (II) complexes of a monocondensed N, N, O donor Schiff base with pseudohalides as co-ligand
P Bhowmik, S Chattopadhyay, MGB Drew, A Ghosh
Inorganica Chimica Acta 395, 24-32, 2013
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