Subroto Mukerjee
Subroto Mukerjee
Indian Institute of Science
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Theory of finite-entanglement scaling at one-dimensional quantum critical points
F Pollmann, S Mukerjee, AM Turner, JE Moore
Physical review letters 102 (25), 255701, 2009
Optimal thermoelectric figure of merit of a molecular junction
P Murphy, S Mukerjee, J Moore
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Dynamics after a sweep through a quantum critical point
F Pollmann, S Mukerjee, AG Green, JE Moore
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A Dhar, M Maji, T Mishra, RV Pai, S Mukerjee, A Paramekanti
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Many-body localization in the presence of a single-particle mobility edge
R Modak, S Mukerjee
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Statistical theory of transport by strongly interacting lattice fermions
S Mukerjee, V Oganesyan, D Huse
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Topological defects and the superfluid transition of the s= 1 spinor condensate in two dimensions
S Mukerjee, C Xu, JE Moore
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S Chaudhury, SK Mukerjee, VN Vaidya, V Venugopal
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A Dhar, T Mishra, M Maji, RV Pai, S Mukerjee, A Paramekanti
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GAR Rao, SK Mukerjee, VN Vaidya, V Venugopal, DD Sood
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ML Scullin, C Yu, M Huijben, S Mukerjee, J Seidel, Q Zhan, J Moore, ...
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Structural and hydrogen isotope storage properties of Zr–Co–Fe alloy
RA Jat, R Singh, SC Parida, A Das, R Agarwal, SK Mukerjee, ...
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 40 (15), 5135-5143, 2015
Nernst effect in the vortex-liquid regime of a type-II superconductor
S Mukerjee, DA Huse
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Tuning the electronic effective mass in double-doped
J Ravichandran, W Siemons, ML Scullin, S Mukerjee, M Huijben, ...
Physical Review B 83 (3), 035101, 2011
Doping dependence of thermopower and thermoelectricity in strongly correlated materials
S Mukerjee, JE Moore
Applied Physics Letters 90 (11), 112107, 2007
Pd-Ag-Cu dense metallic membrane for hydrogen isotope purification and recovery at low pressures
S Pati, RA Jat, NS Anand, DJ Derose, KN Karn, SK Mukerjee, SC Parida
Journal of Membrane Science 522, 151-158, 2017
Dynamical models and the phase ordering kinetics of the s= 1 spinor condensate
S Mukerjee, C Xu, JE Moore
Physical Review B 76 (10), 104519, 2007
Preparation and characterization of Li2TiO3 pebbles by internal gelation sol–gel process
TVV Rao, YR Bamankar, SK Mukerjee, SK Aggarwal
Journal of nuclear materials 426 (1-3), 102-108, 2012
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