Marcelo Ciappina, PhD, Res Prof
Marcelo Ciappina, PhD, Res Prof
Associate Professor/Physics Program, Guangdong Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, Shantou
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Third-generation femtosecond technology
H Fattahi, HG Barros, M Gorjan, T Nubbemeyer, B Alsaif, CY Teisset, ...
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Attosecond physics at the nanoscale
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Symphony on strong field approximation
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P3: An installation for high-energy density plasma physics and ultra-high intensity laser–matter interaction at ELI-Beamlines
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Beyond Carbon -Edge Harmonic Emission Using a Spatial and Temporal Synthesized Laser Field
JA Pérez-Hernández, MF Ciappina, M Lewenstein, L Roso, A Zaïr
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Quantum-orbit analysis of high-order-harmonic generation by resonant plasmon field enhancement
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Influence of Coulomb continuum wave functions in the description of high-order harmonic generation with H 2+
MF Ciappina, CC Chirilă, M Lein
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Strong-field resonant dynamics in semiconductors
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High order harmonic generation in noble gases using plasmonic field enhancement
MF Ciappina, T Shaaran, M Lewenstein
Annalen der Physik 525 (1-2), 97-106, 2013
Perspective on petahertz electronics and attosecond nanoscopy
J Schötz, Z Wang, E Pisanty, M Lewenstein, MF Kling, MF Ciappina
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Multislit interference patterns in high-order harmonic generation in C 60
MF Ciappina, A Becker, A Jaroń-Becker
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Controlling electron localization in by intense plasmon-enhanced laser fields
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Three-body dynamics in single ionization of atomic hydrogen by 75 keV proton impact
AC LaForge, KN Egodapitiya, JS Alexander, A Hasan, MF Ciappina, ...
Physical review letters 103 (5), 053201, 2009
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