Victor M. Perez-Garcia
Victor M. Perez-Garcia
Professor of Applied Mathematics, Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha
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Identifying the best machine learning algorithms for brain tumor segmentation, progression assessment, and overall survival prediction in the BRATS challenge
S Bakas, M Reyes, A Jakab, S Bauer, M Rempfler, A Crimi, RT Shinohara, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:1811.02629, 2018
Bose-Einstein solitons in highly asymmetric traps
VM Perez-Garcia, H Michinel, H Herrero
Physical Review A 57 (5), 3837, 1998
Low energy excitations of a Bose-Einstein condensate: A time-dependent variational analysis
VM Perez-Garcia, H Michinel, JI Cirac, M Lewenstein, P Zoller
Physical review letters 77 (27), 5320, 1996
Dynamics of Bose-Einstein condensates: Variational solutions of the Gross-Pitaevskii equations
VM Perez-Garcia, H Michinel, JI Cirac, M Lewenstein, P Zoller
Physical Review A 56 (2), 1424, 1997
Lie symmetries and solitons in nonlinear systems with spatially inhomogeneous nonlinearities
J Belmonte-Beitia, VM Pérez-García, V Vekslerchik, PJ Torres
Physical review letters 98 (6), 064102, 2007
Localized nonlinear waves in systems with time-and space-modulated nonlinearities
J Belmonte-Beitia, VM Perez-Garcia, V Vekslerchik, VV Konotop
Physical Review Letters 100 (16), 164102, 2008
Numerical simulation of nonlinear Schrödinger systems: a new conservative scheme
Z Fei, VM Pérez-García, L Vázquez
Applied Mathematics and Computation 71 (2-3), 165-177, 1995
Extended parametric resonances in nonlinear Schrödinger systems
JJ Garcia-Ripoll, VM Perez-Garcia, P Torres
Physical review letters 83 (9), 1715, 1999
Controllable soliton emission from a Bose-Einstein condensate
MI Rodas-Verde, H Michinel, VM Pérez-García
Physical review letters 95 (15), 153903, 2005
Lewenstein M and P. Zoller
VM Pérez-Garcıa, H Michinel, JI Cirac
Phys Rev Lett 77, 5320, 1996
Stabilization of solitons of the multidimensional nonlinear Schrödinger equation: matter-wave breathers
GD Montesinos, VM Pérez-Garcı́a, PJ Torres
Physica D: Nonlinear Phenomena 191 (3-4), 193-210, 2004
Turning light into a liquid via atomic coherence
H Michinel, MJ Paz-Alonso, VM Pérez-García
Physical review letters 96 (2), 023903, 2006
Spectral methods for partial differential equations in irregular domains: the spectral smoothed boundary method
A Bueno-Orovio, VM Perez-Garcia, FH Fenton
SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing 28 (3), 886-900, 2006
Stability and collective excitations of a two-component Bose-Einstein condensed gas: A moment approach
T Busch, JI Cirac, VM Pérez-García, P Zoller
Physical Review A 56 (4), 2978, 1997
Dipole-mode vector solitons
JJ García-Ripoll, VM Pérez-García, EA Ostrovskaya, YS Kivshar
Physical review letters 85 (1), 82, 2000
Hypoxic cell waves around necrotic cores in glioblastoma: a biomathematical model and its therapeutic implications
A Martínez-González, GF Calvo, LA Pérez Romasanta, VM Pérez-García
Bulletin of mathematical biology 74, 2875-2896, 2012
Symbiotic solitons in heteronuclear multicomponent Bose-Einstein condensates
VM Perez-Garcia, JB Beitia
Physical Review A 72 (3), 033620, 2005
Feshbach resonance induced shock waves in Bose-Einstein condensates
VM Pérez-García, VV Konotop, VA Brazhnyi
Physical review letters 92 (22), 220403, 2004
Vortex bending and tightly packed vortex lattices in Bose-Einstein condensates
JJ García-Ripoll, VM Pérez-García
Physical Review A 64 (5), 053611, 2001
Optimizing Schrödinger functionals using Sobolev gradients: Applications to quantum mechanics and nonlinear optics
JJ García-Ripoll, VM Pérez-García
SIAM journal on scientific computing 23 (4), 1316-1334, 2001
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