Gregory Arthur Newby
Gregory Arthur Newby
Postdoctoral Associate, Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard
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Search-and-replace genome editing without double-strand breaks or donor DNA
AV Anzalone, PB Randolph, JR Davis, AA Sousa, LW Koblan, JM Levy, ...
Nature 576 (7785), 149-157, 2019
Improving cytidine and adenine base editors by expression optimization and ancestral reconstruction
LW Koblan, JL Doman, C Wilson, JM Levy, T Tay, GA Newby, JP Maianti, ...
Nature biotechnology 36 (9), 843-846, 2018
Phage-assisted evolution of an adenine base editor with improved Cas domain compatibility and activity
MF Richter, KT Zhao, E Eton, A Lapinaite, GA Newby, BW Thuronyi, ...
Nature biotechnology 38 (7), 883-891, 2020
Continuous evolution of base editors with expanded target compatibility and improved activity
BW Thuronyi, LW Koblan, JM Levy, WH Yeh, C Zheng, GA Newby, ...
Nature biotechnology 37 (9), 1070-1079, 2019
Evaluation and minimization of Cas9-independent off-target DNA editing by cytosine base editors
JL Doman, A Raguram, GA Newby, DR Liu
Nature biotechnology 38 (5), 620-628, 2020
In vivo base editing rescues Hutchinson–Gilford progeria syndrome in mice
LW Koblan, MR Erdos, C Wilson, WA Cabral, JM Levy, ZM Xiong, ...
Nature 589 (7843), 608-614, 2021
Continuous evolution of SpCas9 variants compatible with non-G PAMs
SM Miller, T Wang, PB Randolph, M Arbab, MW Shen, TP Huang, ...
Nature biotechnology 38 (4), 471-481, 2020
Enhanced prime editing systems by manipulating cellular determinants of editing outcomes
PJ Chen, JA Hussmann, J Yan, F Knipping, P Ravisankar, PF Chen, ...
Cell 184 (22), 5635-5652. e29, 2021
Lipidomic analysis of α-synuclein neurotoxicity identifies stearoyl CoA desaturase as a target for Parkinson treatment
S Fanning, A Haque, T Imberdis, V Baru, MI Barrasa, S Nuber, D Termine, ...
Molecular cell 73 (5), 1001-1014. e8, 2019
Cross-kingdom chemical communication drives a heritable, mutually beneficial prion-based transformation of metabolism
DF Jarosz, JCS Brown, GA Walker, MS Datta, WL Ung, AK Lancaster, ...
Cell 158 (5), 1083-1093, 2014
Blessings in disguise: biological benefits of prion-like mechanisms
GA Newby, S Lindquist
Trends in cell biology 23 (6), 251-259, 2013
Engineered pegRNAs improve prime editing efficiency
JW Nelson, PB Randolph, SP Shen, KA Everette, PJ Chen, AV Anzalone, ...
Nature biotechnology 40 (3), 402-410, 2022
Engineered virus-like particles for efficient in vivo delivery of therapeutic proteins
S Banskota, A Raguram, S Suh, SW Du, JR Davis, EH Choi, X Wang, ...
Cell 185 (2), 250-265. e16, 2022
Base editing of haematopoietic stem cells rescues sickle cell disease in mice
GA Newby, JS Yen, KJ Woodard, T Mayuranathan, CR Lazzarotto, Y Li, ...
Nature 595 (7866), 295-302, 2021
In vivo base editing restores sensory transduction and transiently improves auditory function in a mouse model of recessive deafness
WH Yeh, O Shubina-Oleinik, JM Levy, B Pan, GA Newby, M Wornow, ...
Science translational medicine 12 (546), eaay9101, 2020
Efficient C• G-to-G• C base editors developed using CRISPRi screens, target-library analysis, and machine learning
LW Koblan, M Arbab, MW Shen, JA Hussmann, AV Anzalone, JL Doman, ...
Nature biotechnology 39 (11), 1414-1425, 2021
Restoration of visual function in adult mice with an inherited retinal disease via adenine base editing
S Suh, EH Choi, H Leinonen, AT Foik, GA Newby, WH Yeh, Z Dong, ...
Nature biomedical engineering 5 (2), 169-178, 2021
Chemical modifications of adenine base editor mRNA and guide RNA expand its application scope
T Jiang, JM Henderson, K Coote, Y Cheng, HC Valley, XO Zhang, ...
Nature communications 11 (1), 1979, 2020
Precision genome editing using cytosine and adenine base editors in mammalian cells
TP Huang, GA Newby, DR Liu
Nature protocols 16 (2), 1089-1128, 2021
Base editor correction of COL7A1 in recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa patient-derived fibroblasts and iPSCs
MJ Osborn, GA Newby, AN McElroy, F Knipping, SC Nielsen, MJ Riddle, ...
Journal of Investigative Dermatology 140 (2), 338-347. e5, 2020
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