Douglas Bulla
Douglas Bulla
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Long, low loss etched As2S3 chalcogenide waveguides for all-optical signal regeneration
SJ Madden, DY Choi, DA Bulla, AV Rode, B Luther-Davies, VG Ta’eed, ...
Optics express 15 (22), 14414-14421, 2007
Photonic-chip-based radio-frequency spectrum analyser with terahertz bandwidth
M Pelusi, F Luan, TD Vo, MRE Lamont, SJ Madden, DA Bulla, DY Choi, ...
nature photonics 3 (3), 139-143, 2009
Applications of highly-nonlinear chalcogenide glass devices tailored for high-speed all-optical signal processing
MD Pelusi, VG Ta'eed, L Fu, E Magi, MRE Lamont, S Madden, DY Choi, ...
IEEE Journal of selected topics in Quantum electronics 14 (3), 529-539, 2008
Progress in optical waveguides fabricated from chalcogenide glasses
X Gai, T Han, A Prasad, S Madden, DY Choi, R Wang, D Bulla, ...
Optics express 18 (25), 26635-26646, 2010
Local tuning of photonic crystal cavities using chalcogenide glasses
A Faraon, D Englund, D Bulla, B Luther-Davies, BJ Eggleton, N Stoltz, ...
Applied Physics Letters 92 (4), 2008
Dispersion engineered Ge11.5As24Se64.5 nanowires with a nonlinear parameter of 136W−1m−1 at 1550nm
X Gai, S Madden, DY Choi, D Bulla, B Luther-Davies
Optics express 18 (18), 18866-18874, 2010
On the properties and stability of thermally evaporated Ge–As–Se thin films
DAP Bulla, RP Wang, A Prasad, AV Rode, SJ Madden, B Luther-Davies
Applied Physics A 96, 615-625, 2009
Low loss chalcogenide glass waveguides by thermal nano-imprint lithography
T Han, S Madden, D Bulla, B Luther-Davies
Optics express 18 (18), 19286-19291, 2010
Photonic chip based transmitter optimization and receiver demultiplexing of a 1.28 Tbit/s OTDM signal
TD Vo, H Hu, M Galili, E Palushani, J Xu, LK Oxenløwe, SJ Madden, ...
Optics express 18 (16), 17252-17261, 2010
Wavelength conversion of high-speed phase and intensity modulated signals using a highly nonlinear chalcogenide glass chip
MD Pelusi, F Luan, S Madden, DY Choi, DA Bulla, B Luther-Davies, ...
IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 22 (1), 3-5, 2009
Deposition of thick TEOS PECVD silicon oxide layers for integrated optical waveguide applications
DAP Bulla, NI Morimoto
Thin Solid Films 334 (1-2), 60-64, 1998
Simultaneous multi-impairment monitoring of 640 Gb/s signals using photonic chip based RF spectrum analyzer
TD Vo, MD Pelusi, J Schroeder, F Luan, SJ Madden, DY Choi, DAP Bulla, ...
Optics express 18 (4), 3938-3945, 2010
High-Resolution Optical Sampling of 640-Gb/s Data Using Four-Wave Mixing in Dispersion-Engineered Highly Nonlinear AsS Planar Waveguides
J Van Erps, F Luan, MD Pelusi, T Iredale, S Madden, DY Choi, DA Bulla, ...
Journal of Lightwave Technology 28 (2), 209-215, 2010
Thermal annealing of arsenic tri-sulphide thin film and its influence on device performance
DY Choi, S Madden, D Bulla, R Wang, A Rode, B Luther-Davies
Journal of Applied Physics 107 (5), 2010
Effects of heavy boron doping upon oxygen precipitation in Czochralski silicon
S Hahn, FA Ponce, WA Tiller, V Stojanoff, DAP Bulla, WE Castro Jr
Journal of applied physics 64 (9), 4454-4465, 1988
Submicrometer-Thick Low-Loss AsS Planar Waveguides for Nonlinear Optical Devices
DY Choi, S Madden, DA Bulla, R Wang, A Rode, B Luther-Davies
IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 22 (7), 495-497, 2010
Observation of multiple higher-order stopgaps from three-dimensional chalcogenide glass photonic crystals
E Nicoletti, G Zhou, B Jia, MJ Ventura, D Bulla, B Luther-Davies, M Gu
Optics Letters 33 (20), 2311-2313, 2008
Generation of λ/12 nanowires in chalcogenide glasses
E Nicoletti, D Bulla, B Luther-Davies, M Gu
Nano letters 11 (10), 4218-4221, 2011
Broadband wavelength conversion at 40 Gb/s using long serpentine As2S3 planar waveguides
VG Ta’eed, MD Pelusi, BJ Eggleton, DY Choi, S Madden, D Bulla, ...
Optics Express 15 (23), 15047-15052, 2007
Photowritten high-Q cavities in two-dimensional chalcogenide glass photonic crystals
MW Lee, C Grillet, S Tomljenovic-Hanic, EC Mägi, DJ Moss, BJ Eggleton, ...
Optics letters 34 (23), 3671-3673, 2009
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