Philippe Schucht
Philippe Schucht
Professor of Neurosurgery, University Hospital Bern, Switzerland
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Anatomical correlates of locomotor recovery following dorsal and ventral lesions of the rat spinal cord
P Schucht, O Raineteau, ME Schwab, K Fouad
Experimental neurology 176 (1), 143-153, 2002
Clinical benefit from resection of recurrent glioblastomas: results of a multicenter study including 503 patients with recurrent glioblastomas undergoing surgical resection
F Ringel, SN1 study group, H Pape, SN1 study group, M Sabel, ...
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Gross total resection rates in contemporary glioblastoma surgery: results of an institutional protocol combining 5-aminolevulinic acid intraoperative fluorescence imaging and …
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IDH/MGMT-driven molecular classification of low-grade glioma is a strong predictor for long-term survival
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Continuous dynamic mapping of the corticospinal tract during surgery of motor eloquent brain tumors: evaluation of a new method
A Raabe, J Beck, P Schucht, K Seidel
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Multi-modal glioblastoma segmentation: man versus machine
N Porz, S Bauer, A Pica, P Schucht, J Beck, RK Verma, J Slotboom, ...
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5-ALA complete resections go beyond MR contrast enhancement: shift corrected volumetric analysis of the extent of resection in surgery for glioblastoma
P Schucht, S Knittel, J Slotboom, K Seidel, M Murek, A Jilch, A Raabe, ...
Acta neurochirurgica 156, 305-312, 2014
The silent loss of neuronavigation accuracy: a systematic retrospective analysis of factors influencing the mismatch of frameless stereotactic systems in cranial neurosurgery
LH Stieglitz, J Fichtner, R Andres, P Schucht, AK Krähenbühl, A Raabe, ...
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Subcortical electrostimulation to identify network subserving motor control
P Schucht, S Moritz‐Gasser, G Herbet, A Raabe, H Duffau
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Intraoperative monopolar mapping during 5-ALA–guided resections of glioblastomas adjacent to motor eloquent areas: evaluation of resection rates and neurological outcome
PPP Schucht, K SeiDel, J BecK, M MureK, A Jilch, R Wiest, C Fung, ...
Neurosurgical focus 37 (6), E16, 2014
Predicting the “usefulness” of 5-ALA-derived tumor fluorescence for fluorescence-guided resections in pediatric brain tumors: a European survey
W Stummer, F Rodrigues, P Schucht, M Preuss, D Wiewrodt, U Nestler, ...
Acta neurochirurgica 156, 2315-2324, 2014
Spinal cerebrospinal fluid leak as the cause of chronic subdural hematomas in nongeriatric patients
J Beck, J Gralla, C Fung, CT Ulrich, P Schucht, J Fichtner, L Andereggen, ...
Journal of neurosurgery 121 (6), 1380-1387, 2014
Brain tumors in eloquent areas: a European multicenter survey of intraoperative mapping techniques, intraoperative seizures occurrence, and antiepileptic drug prophylaxis
G Spena, P Schucht, K Seidel, GJ Rutten, CF Freyschlag, F D’Agata, ...
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Delay effects in the response of low-grade gliomas to radiotherapy: a mathematical model and its therapeutical implications
VM Pérez-García, M Bogdanska, A Martínez-González, J Belmonte-Beitia, ...
Mathematical medicine and biology: A journal of the IMA 32 (3), 307-329, 2015
Visualization of white matter fiber tracts of brain tissue sections with wide-field imaging Mueller polarimetry
P Schucht, HR Lee, HM Mezouar, E Hewer, A Raabe, M Murek, I Zubak, ...
IEEE transactions on medical imaging 39 (12), 4376-4382, 2020
Laparoscopically assisted ventriculoperitoneal shunt placement: a prospective randomized controlled trial
P Schucht, V Banz, M Trochsler, S Iff, AK Krähenbühl, M Reinert, J Beck, ...
Journal of neurosurgery 122 (5), 1058-1067, 2015
Surgery for low-grade glioma infiltrating the central cerebral region: location as a predictive factor for neurological deficit, epileptological outcome, and quality of life
P Schucht, F Ghareeb, H Duffau
Journal of neurosurgery 119 (2), 318-323, 2013
Management of spontaneous intracranial hypotension–Transorbital ultrasound as discriminator
J Fichtner, CT Ulrich, C Fung, C Knüppel, M Veitweber, A Jilch, P Schucht, ...
Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery & Psychiatry 87 (6), 650-655, 2016
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