Department of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Ghana
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Chemical adsorption of NiO nanostructures on nickel foam-graphene for supercapacitor applications
A Bello, K Makgopa, M Fabiane, D Dodoo-Ahrin, KI Ozoemena, ...
Journal of materials science 48, 6707-6712, 2013
Inkjet-printed graphene electrodes for dye-sensitized solar cells
D Dodoo-Arhin, RCT Howe, G Hu, Y Zhang, P Hiralal, A Bello, ...
Carbon 105, 33-41, 2016
Mechanical properties of natural hydroxyapatite using low cold compaction pressure: Effect of sintering temperature
DO Obada, ET Dauda, JK Abifarin, D Dodoo-Arhin, ND Bansod
Materials Chemistry and Physics 239, 122099, 2020
Thermochemical conversion and characterization of cocoa pod husks a potential agricultural waste from Ghana
M Adjin-Tetteh, N Asiedu, D Dodoo-Arhin, A Karam, PN Amaniampong
Industrial crops and products 119, 304-312, 2018
Awaso bauxite red mud-cement based composites: Characterisation for pavement applications
D Dodoo-Arhin, RA Nuamah, B Agyei-Tuffour, DO Obada, A Yaya
Case studies in construction materials 7, 45-55, 2017
High-performance symmetric electrochemical capacitor based on graphene foam and nanostructured manganese oxide
A Bello, OO Fashedemi, JN Lekitima, M Fabiane, D Dodoo-Arhin, ...
AIP Advances 3 (8), 2013
Fabrication and characterisation of Ghanaian bauxite red mud-clay composite bricks for construction applications
D Dodoo-Arhin, DS Konadu, E Annan, FP Buabeng, A Yaya, ...
Am. J. Mater. Sci 3 (5), 110-119, 2013
The effect of titanium dioxide synthesis technique and its photocatalytic degradation of organic dye pollutants
D Dodoo-Arhin, FP Buabeng, JM Mwabora, PN Amaniampong, H Agbe, ...
Heliyon 4 (7), 2018
Experimental data on the characterization of hydroxyapatite synthesized from biowastes
JK Abifarin, DO Obada, ET Dauda, D Dodoo-Arhin
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Photocatalytic degradation of Rhodamine dyes using zinc oxide nanoparticles
D Dodoo-Arhin, T Asiedu, B Agyei-Tuffour, E Nyankson, D Obada, ...
Materials Today: Proceedings 38, 809-815, 2021
Modified halloysite nanoclay as a vehicle for sustained drug delivery
EG Bediako, E Nyankson, D Dodoo-Arhin, B Agyei-Tuffour, D Łukowiec, ...
Heliyon 4 (7), 2018
The effect of NaOH catalyst concentration and extraction time on the yield and properties of Citrullus vulgaris seed oil as a potential biodiesel feed stock
JK Efavi, D Dodoo-Arhin, D Kanbogtah, V Apalangya, E Nyankson, ...
South African Journal of Chemical Engineering 25 (1), 98-102, 2018
Silver nanoparticles decorated on a three-dimensional graphene scaffold for electrochemical applications
A Bello, M Fabiane, D Dodoo-Arhin, KI Ozoemena, N Manyala
Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids 75 (1), 109-114, 2014
Layered nanomaterials-a review
A Yaya, B Agyei-Tuffour, D Dodoo-Arhin, E Nyankson, E Annan, ...
Global Journal of Engineering design and technology 2, 32-41, 2012
The impact of kaolin dehydroxylation on the porosity and mechanical integrity of kaolin based ceramics using different pore formers
DO Obada, D Dodoo-Arhin, M Dauda, FO Anafi, AS Ahmed, OA Ajayi
Results in physics 7, 2718-2727, 2017
Recent advances in photoinduced catalysis for water splitting and environmental applications
H Agbe, E Nyankson, N Raza, D Dodoo-Arhin, A Chauhan, G Osei, ...
Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry 72, 31-49, 2019
Synthesis and characterization of zinc and copper oxide nanoparticles and their antibacteria activity
RB Asamoah, A Yaya, B Mensah, P Nbalayim, V Apalangya, YD Bensah, ...
Results in Materials 7, 100099, 2020
Physico-mechanical and gas permeability characteristics of kaolin based ceramic membranes prepared with a new pore-forming agent
DO Obada, D Dodoo-Arhin, M Dauda, FO Anafia, AS Ahmed, OA Ajayi
Applied Clay Science 150, 175–183, 2017
Effect of variation in frequencies on the viscoelastic properties of coir and coconut husk powder reinforced polymer composites
DO Obada, LS Kuburi, M Dauda, S Umaru, D Dodoo-Arhin, MB Balogun, ...
Journal of King Saud University-Engineering Sciences 32 (2), 148-157, 2020
Graphene: synthesis, transfer, and characterization for dye-sensitized solar cells applications
D Dodoo-Arhin, M Fabiane, A Bello, N Manyala
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 52 (39), 14160-14168, 2013
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