Amir Abboud
Amir Abboud
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Popular conjectures imply strong lower bounds for dynamic problems
A Abboud, VV Williams
2014 IEEE 55th Annual Symposium on Foundations of Computer Science, 434-443, 2014
Tight hardness results for LCS and other sequence similarity measures
A Abboud, A Backurs, VV Williams
2015 IEEE 56th Annual Symposium on Foundations of Computer Science, 59-78, 2015
Approximation and fixed parameter subquadratic algorithms for radius and diameter in sparse graphs
A Abboud, VV Williams, J Wang
Proceedings of the twenty-seventh annual ACM-SIAM symposium on Discrete …, 2016
Consequences of faster alignment of sequences
A Abboud, VV Williams, O Weimann
Automata, Languages, and Programming: 41st International Colloquium, ICALP …, 2014
Subcubic Equivalences between Graph Centrality Problems, APSP, and Diameter
A Abboud, F Grandoni, V Vassilevska Williams
ACM Transactions on Algorithms 19 (1), 1-30, 2023
More applications of the polynomial method to algorithm design
A Abboud, R Williams, H Yu
Proceedings of the twenty-sixth annual ACM-SIAM symposium on Discrete …, 2014
Matching triangles and basing hardness on an extremely popular conjecture
A Abboud, V Vassilevska Williams, H Yu
Proceedings of the forty-seventh annual ACM symposium on Theory of computing …, 2015
If the current clique algorithms are optimal, so is Valiant's parser
A Abboud, A Backurs, VV Williams
SIAM Journal on Computing 47 (6), 2527-2555, 2018
Simulating branching programs with edit distance and friends: or: a polylog shaved is a lower bound made
A Abboud, TD Hansen, VV Williams, R Williams
Proceedings of the forty-eighth annual ACM symposium on Theory of Computing …, 2016
The 4/3 additive spanner exponent is tight
A Abboud, G Bodwin
Journal of the ACM (JACM) 64 (4), 1-20, 2017
Distributed PCP theorems for hardness of approximation in P
A Abboud, A Rubinstein, R Williams
2017 IEEE 58th Annual Symposium on Foundations of Computer Science (FOCS), 25-36, 2017
A hierarchy of lower bounds for sublinear additive spanners
A Abboud, G Bodwin, S Pettie
SIAM Journal on Computing 47 (6), 2203-2236, 2018
Near-linear lower bounds for distributed distance computations, even in sparse networks
A Abboud, K Censor-Hillel, S Khoury
Distributed Computing: 30th International Symposium, DISC 2016, Paris …, 2016
Popular conjectures as a barrier for dynamic planar graph algorithms
A Abboud, S Dahlgaard
2016 IEEE 57th Annual Symposium on Foundations of Computer Science (FOCS …, 2016
SETH-based lower bounds for subset sum and bicriteria path
A Abboud, K Bringmann, D Hermelin, D Shabtay
ACM Transactions on Algorithms (TALG) 18 (1), 1-22, 2022
Losing weight by gaining edges
A Abboud, K Lewi, R Williams
Algorithms-ESA 2014: 22th Annual European Symposium, Wroclaw, Poland …, 2014
Exact Weight Subgraphs and the k-Sum Conjecture
A Abboud, K Lewi
Automata, Languages, and Programming: 40th International Colloquium, ICALP …, 2013
Subtree isomorphism revisited
A Abboud, A Backurs, TD Hansen, V Vassilevska Williams, O Zamir
ACM Transactions on Algorithms (TALG) 14 (3), 1-23, 2018
Geometric monitoring of heterogeneous streams
D Keren, G Sagy, A Abboud, D Ben-David, A Schuster, I Sharfman, ...
IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering 26 (8), 1890-1903, 2013
More consequences of falsifying SETH and the orthogonal vectors conjecture
A Abboud, K Bringmann, H Dell, J Nederlof
Proceedings of the 50th Annual ACM SIGACT Symposium on Theory of Computing …, 2018
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