sergei smirnov
sergei smirnov
New Mexico State University, Dartmouth College, Institue of Chemical Kinetics and Combustion
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Water desalination using nanoporous single-layer graphene
SP Surwade, SN Smirnov, IV Vlassiouk, RR Unocic, GM Veith, S Dai, ...
Nature nanotechnology 10 (5), 459-464, 2015
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Ionic selectivity of single nanochannels
I Vlassiouk, S Smirnov, Z Siwy
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Large scale atmospheric pressure chemical vapor deposition of graphene
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Control of nanopore wetting by a photochromic spiropyran: a light-controlled valve and electrical switch
I Vlassiouk, CD Park, SA Vail, D Gust, S Smirnov
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Nanofluidic ionic diodes. Comparison of analytical and numerical solutions
I Vlassiouk, S Smirnov, Z Siwy
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Evolutionary selection growth of two-dimensional materials on polycrystalline substrates
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Nature Materials 17 (4), 318-322, 2018
Graphene nucleation density on copper: fundamental role of background pressure
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Effect of water on silanization of silica by trimethoxysilanes
AV Krasnoslobodtsev, SN Smirnov
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Reduced graphene oxide wrapped FeS nanocomposite for lithium-ion battery anode with improved performance
L Fei, Q Lin, B Yuan, G Chen, P Xie, Y Li, Y Xu, S Deng, S Smirnov, H Luo
ACS applied materials & interfaces 5 (11), 5330-5335, 2013
Electrical and thermal conductivity of low temperature CVD graphene: the effect of disorder
I Vlassiouk, S Smirnov, I Ivanov, PF Fulvio, S Dai, H Meyer, M Chi, ...
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Why is water blue?
CL Braun, SN Smirnov
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“Direct” detection and separation of DNA using nanoporous alumina filters
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Bismuth oxide: a new lithium-ion battery anode
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Sensing DNA hybridization via ionic conductance through a nanoporous electrode
I Vlassiouk, P Takmakov, S Smirnov
Langmuir 21 (11), 4776-4778, 2005
SBA-15 confined synthesis of TiNb 2 O 7 nanoparticles for lithium-ion batteries
L Fei, Y Xu, X Wu, Y Li, P Xie, S Deng, S Smirnov, H Luo
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Voltage-gated hydrophobic nanopores
SN Smirnov, IV Vlassiouk, NV Lavrik
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Label-free DNA sensor based on surface charge modulated ionic conductance
X Wang, S Smirnov
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Strong and electrically conductive graphene-based composite fibers and laminates
I Vlassiouk, G Polizos, R Cooper, I Ivanov, JK Keum, F Paulauskas, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 7 (20), 10702-10709, 2015
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