Chaoqi Yang
Chaoqi Yang
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Revisiting over-smoothing in deep GCNs
C Yang, R Wang, S Yao, S Liu, T Abdelzaher
arXiv preprint arXiv:2003.13663, 2020
Semi-supervised Hypergraph Node Classification on Hypergraph Line Expansion
C Yang, R Wang, S Yao, T Abdelzaher
CIKM 2022, 2022
Adversarial training model unifying feature driven and point process perspectives for event popularity prediction
Q Wu, C Yang, H Zhang, X Gao, P Weng, G Chen
CIKM 2018, 517-526, 2018
Handling missing sensors in topology-aware iot applications with gated graph neural network
S Liu, S Yao, Y Huang, D Liu, H Shao, Y Zhao, J Li, T Wang, R Wang, ...
IMWUT 4 (3), 1-31, 2020
SafeDrug: Dual Molecular Graph Encoders for Safe Drug Recommendations
C Yang, C Xiao, F Ma, L Glass, J Sun
IJCAI 2021, 2021
Reinforcement learning with sequential information clustering in real-time bidding
J Lu, C Yang, X Gao, L Wang, C Li, G Chen
CIKM 2019, 1633-1641, 2019
An induced multi-relational framework for answer selection in community question answer platforms
K Narang, C Yang, A Krishnan, J Wang, H Sundaram, C Sutter
SIGIR 2021, 2021
The paradox of information access: Growing isolation in the age of sharing
T Abdelzaher, H Ji, J Li, C Yang, J Dellaverson, L Zhang, C Xu, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2004.01967, 2020
Self-supervised EEG Representation Learning for Automatic Sleep Staging
C Yang, D Xiao, MB Westover, J Sun
arXiv preprint arXiv:2110.15278, 2021
Misinformation detection and adversarial attack cost analysis in directional social networks
H Shao, S Yao, A Jing, S Liu, D Liu, T Wang, J Li, C Yang, R Wang, ...
ICCCN 2020, 1-11, 2020
Multi-Objective Actor-Critics for Real-Time Bidding in Display Advertising
C Yang, H Zhou, X Gao, Q Chen, G Liu, G Chen
ECML-PKDD 2022, 2022
EPAB: Early pattern aware bayesian model for social content popularity prediction
Q Wu, C Yang, X Gao, P He, G Chen
ICDM 2018, 1296-1301, 2018
Change Matters: Medication Change Prediction with Recurrent Residual Networks
C Yang, C Xiao, L Glass, J Sun
IJCAI 2021, 2021
Analyzing the Design Space of Re-opening Policies and COVID-19 Outcomes in the US
C Yang, R Wang, F Gao, D Sun, J Tang, T Abdelzaher
arXiv preprint arXiv:2005.00112, 2020
Hierarchical Overlapping Belief Estimation by Structured Matrix Factorization
C Yang, J Li, R Wang, S Yao, H Shao, D Liu, S Liu, T Wang, ...
ASONAM, 81-88, 2020
MTC: Multiresolution Tensor Completion from Partial and Coarse Observations
C Yang, N Singh, C Xiao, C Qian, E Solomonik, J Sun
KDD 2021, 2021
EPOC: A survival perspective early pattern detection model for outbreak cascades
C Yang, Q Wu, X Gao, G Chen
DEXA 2018, 336-351, 2018
Using survival theory in early pattern detection for viral cascades
X Gao, X Jia, C Yang, G Chen
TKDE 2020, 2020
MedML: Fusing Medical Knowledge and Machine Learning Models for Early Pediatric COVID-19 Hospitalization and Severity Prediction
J Gao, C Yang, G Heintz, S Barrows, E Albers, M Stapel, S Warfield, ...
Cell, iScience 2022, 2022
GOCPT: Generalized Online Canonical Polyadic Tensor Factorization and Completion
C Yang, C Qian, J Sun
IJCAI 2022, 2022
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