Francois Vigneault
Francois Vigneault
CSO founder AbVitro, VP Research Juno, research fellow harvard University George Church lab
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B cells populating the multiple sclerosis brain mature in the draining cervical lymph nodes
JNH Stern, G Yaari, JA Vander Heiden, G Church, WF Donahue, ...
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Reprogramming of T cells from human peripheral blood
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pRESTO: a toolkit for processing high-throughput sequencing raw reads of lymphocyte receptor repertoires
JA Vander Heiden, G Yaari, M Uduman, JNH Stern, KC O’connor, ...
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High-throughput single cell barcoding
GM Church, F Vigneault
US Patent 9,902,950, 2018
The effects of somatic hypermutation on neutralization and binding in the PGT121 family of broadly neutralizing HIV antibodies
D Sok, U Laserson, J Laserson, Y Liu, F Vigneault, JP Julien, B Briney, ...
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High-resolution antibody dynamics of vaccine-induced immune responses
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Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 111 (13), 4928-4933, 2014
Single cell bar-coding for antibody discovery
F Vigneault, AW BRIGGS
US Patent 9,816,088, 2017
Salmonella infection drives promiscuous B cell activation followed by extrafollicular affinity maturation
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Systematic identification of edited microRNAs in the human brain
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Enzymatic oligonucleotide pre-adenylation
GM Church, F Vigneault, M Sismour
US Patent App. 12/533,304, 2010
Barcoding bias in high-throughput multiplex sequencing of miRNA
S Alon, F Vigneault, S Eminaga, DC Christodoulou, JG Seidman, ...
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Hierarchical clustering can identify B cell clones with high confidence in Ig repertoire sequencing data
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JA Vander Heiden, P Stathopoulos, JQ Zhou, L Chen, TJ Gilbert, ...
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High-throughput nucleotide library sequencing
F Vigneault, AW Briggs, CR Clouser, SJ Goldfless, S Timberlake
US Patent 10,590,483, 2020
Efficient microRNA capture and bar-coding via enzymatic oligonucleotide adenylation
F Vigneault, AM Sismour, GM Church
Nature methods 5 (9), 777-779, 2008
Methods of selecting T cell receptors using affinity oligonucleotide conjugates
F Vigneault, AW Briggs, SJ Goldfless, BJ Belmont
US Patent 10,393,743, 2019
Quantification of microRNA expression with next‐generation sequencing
S Eminaga, DC Christodoulou, F Vigneault, GM Church, JG Seidman
Current protocols in molecular biology 103 (1), 4.17. 1-4.17. 14, 2013
Transcriptional profiling of CD4 T cells identifies distinct subgroups of HIV-1 elite controllers
F Vigneault, M Woods, MJ Buzon, C Li, F Pereyra, SD Crosby, J Rychert, ...
Journal of virology 85 (6), 3015-3019, 2011
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