Ivor Lončarić
Imaging of optically active defects with nanometer resolution
J Feng, H Deschout, S Caneva, S Hofmann, I Lončarić, P Lazić, ...
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Controlling the Polymorphism and Topology Transformation in Porphyrinic Zirconium Metal–Organic Frameworks via Mechanochemistry
B Karadeniz, D Žilić, I Huskić, LS Germann, AM Fidelli, S Muratović, ...
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Mechanochemical carbon-carbon bond formation that proceeds via a cocrystal intermediate
S Lukin, M Tireli, I Lončarić, D Barisic, P Šket, D Vrsaljko, M di Michiel, ...
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Femtosecond-laser-driven molecular dynamics on surfaces: Photodesorption of molecular oxygen from Ag (110)
I Lončarić, M Alducin, P Saalfrank, JI Juaristi
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Mixed Spacer Cation Stabilization of Blue‐Emitting n= 2 Ruddlesden–Popper Organic–Inorganic Halide Perovskite Films
TL Leung, HW Tam, F Liu, J Lin, AMC Ng, WK Chan, W Chen, Z He, ...
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Uncovering the Electron‐Phonon Interplay and Dynamical Energy‐Dissipation Mechanisms of Hot Carriers in Hybrid Lead Halide Perovskites
CCS Chan, K Fan, H Wang, Z Huang, D Novko, K Yan, J Xu, WCH Choy, ...
Advanced Energy Materials 11 (9), 2003071, 2021
Reversible Thermosalient Effect of N′-2-Propylidene-4-hydroxybenzohydrazide Accompanied by an Immense Negative Compressibility: Structural and …
I Lončarić, J Popović, V Despoja, S Burazer, I Grgičević, D Popović, ...
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Benchmarking van der Waals functionals with noncontact RPA calculations on graphene-Ag (111)
I Lončarić, V Despoja
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Femtosecond-laser induced dynamics of CO on Ru (0001): Deep insights from a hot-electron friction model including surface motion
R Scholz, G Floß, P Saalfrank, G Füchsel, I Lončarić, JI Juaristi
Physical Review B 94, 165447, 2016
Engineering Cu/TiO2@N-Doped C Interfaces Derived from an Atom-Precise Heterometallic CuII4TiIV5 Cluster for Efficient Photocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution
Y Yuan, K Sheng, S Zeng, X Han, L Sun, I Lončarić, W Zhan, D Sun
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Tunable Fulleretic Sodalite MOFs: Highly Efficient and Controllable Entrapment of C60 Fullerene via Mechanochemistry
V Martinez, B Karadeniz, N Biliškov, I Lončarić, S Muratović, D Žilić, ...
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Experimental and Theoretical Study of Selectivity in Mechanochemical Cocrystallization of Nicotinamide with Anthranilic and Salicylic Acid
S Lukin, I Lončarić, M Tireli, T Stolar, MV Blanco, P Lazić, K Užarević, ...
Crystal Growth & Design 18 (3), 1539-1547, 2018
Dissociative dynamics of O 2 on Ag (110)
I Lončarić, M Alducin, JI Juaristi
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CO Stretch Vibration Lives Long on Au (111)
I Lončarić, M Alducin, JI Juaristi, D Novko
The journal of physical chemistry letters 10 (5), 1043-1047, 2019
Energy loss and surface temperature effects in ab initio molecular dynamics simulations: N adsorption on Ag(111) as a case study
D Novko, I Lončarić, M Blanco-Rey, JI Juaristi, M Alducin
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Quasiparticle spectra and excitons of organic molecules deposited on substrates: G 0 W 0-BSE approach applied to benzene on graphene and metallic substrates
V Despoja, I Lončarić, DJ Mowbray, L Marušić
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Strong anisotropic interaction controls unusual sticking and scattering of CO at Ru (0001)
I Lončarić, G Füchsel, JI Juaristi, P Saalfrank
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Femtosecond laser pulse induced desorption: A molecular dynamics simulation
I Lončarić, M Alducin, P Saalfrank, JI Juaristi
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam …, 2016
Strong two-dimensional plasmon in Li-intercalated hexagonal boron-nitride film with low damping
I Lončarić, Z Rukelj, VM Silkin, V Despoja
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Vibrational response and motion of carbon monoxide on Cu (100) driven by femtosecond laser pulses: Molecular dynamics with electronic friction
R Scholz, S Lindner, I Lončarić, JC Tremblay, JI Juaristi, M Alducin, ...
Physical Review B 100, 245431, 2019
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