Drupad K Trivedi
Drupad K Trivedi
CAMS Lecturer at University of Manchester; Manchester Institute of Biotechnology
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New cofactor supports α, β-unsaturated acid decarboxylation via 1, 3-dipolar cycloaddition
KAP Payne, MD White, K Fisher, B Khara, SS Bailey, D Parker, ...
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Metabolomics for the masses: The future of metabolomics in a personalized world
DK Trivedi, KA Hollywood, R Goodacre
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UbiX is a flavin prenyltransferase required for bacterial ubiquinone biosynthesis
MD White, KAP Payne, K Fisher, SA Marshall, D Parker, NJW Rattray, ...
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Taking your breath away: metabolomics breathes life in to personalized medicine
NJW Rattray, Z Hamrang, DK Trivedi, R Goodacre, SJ Fowler
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Electronic cigarette exposure triggers neutrophil inflammatory responses
A Higham, NJW Rattray, JA Dewhurst, DK Trivedi, SJ Fowler, R Goodacre, ...
Respiratory research 17, 1-11, 2016
Discovery of volatile biomarkers of Parkinson’s disease from sebum
DK Trivedi, E Sinclair, Y Xu, D Sarkar, C Walton-Doyle, C Liscio, P Banks, ...
ACS central science 5 (4), 599-606, 2019
Meat, the metabolites: An integrated metabolite profiling and lipidomics approach for the detection of the adulteration of beef with pork
DK Trivedi, KA Hollywood, NJW Rattray, H Ward, DK Trivedi, ...
Analyst 141 (7), 2155-2164, 2016
Metabolomics of sebum reveals lipid dysregulation in Parkinson’s disease
E Sinclair, DK Trivedi, D Sarkar, C Walton-Doyle, J Milne, T Kunath, ...
Nature communications 12 (1), 1592, 2021
Metabolic dysregulation in vitamin E and carnitine shuttle energy mechanisms associate with human frailty
NJW Rattray, DK Trivedi, Y Xu, T Chandola, CH Johnson, AD Marshall, ...
Nature communications 10 (1), 5027, 2019
Rapid, accurate, and quantitative detection of propranolol in multiple human biofluids via surface-enhanced Raman scattering
A Subaihi, L Almanqur, H Muhamadali, N AlMasoud, DI Ellis, DK Trivedi, ...
Analytical chemistry 88 (22), 10884-10892, 2016
Quantitative online liquid chromatography–surface-enhanced Raman scattering (LC-SERS) of methotrexate and its major metabolites
A Subaihi, DK Trivedi, KA Hollywood, J Bluett, Y Xu, H Muhamadali, ...
Analytical chemistry 89 (12), 6702-6709, 2017
Chicken, beams, and Campylobacter: rapid differentiation of foodborne bacteria via vibrational spectroscopy and MALDI-mass spectrometry
H Muhamadali, D Weaver, A Subaihi, N AlMasoud, DK Trivedi, DI Ellis, ...
Analyst 141 (1), 111-122, 2016
The application of SIMCA P+ in shotgun metabolomics analysis of ZIC® HILIC-MS spectra of human urine-experience with the Shimadzu IT-TOF and profiling solutions data extraction …
DK Trivedi, RK Iles
J. Chromatogr. Sep. Tech 3, 2012
Two Glycerol-3-Phosphate Dehydrogenases from Chlamydomonas Have Distinct Roles in Lipid Metabolism
T Driver, DK Trivedi, OA McIntosh, AP Dean, R Goodacre, JK Pittman
Plant physiology 174 (4), 2083-2097, 2017
High-throughput metabolic screening of microalgae genetic variation in response to nutrient limitation
AK Bajhaiya, AP Dean, T Driver, DK Trivedi, NJW Rattray, JW Allwood, ...
Metabolomics 12, 1-14, 2016
Metabolomics investigation of recombinant mTNFα production in Streptomyces lividans
H Muhamadali, Y Xu, DI Ellis, DK Trivedi, NJW Rattray, K Bernaerts, ...
Microbial cell factories 14, 1-12, 2015
HILIC‐MS‐based shotgun metabolomic profiling of maternal urine at 9–23 weeks of gestation–establishing the baseline changes in the maternal metabolome
DK Trivedi, RK Iles
Biomedical Chromatography 29 (2), 240-245, 2015
Do not just do it, do it right: urinary metabolomics–establishing clinically relevant baselines
DK Trivedi, RK Iles
Biomedical Chromatography 28 (11), 1491-1501, 2014
Shotgun metabolomic profiles in maternal urine identify potential mass spectral markers of abnormal fetal biochemistry–dihydrouracil and progesterone in the metabolism of Down …
DK Trivedi, RK Iles
Biomedical Chromatography 29 (8), 1173-1183, 2015
Validating differential volatilome profiles in Parkinson’s disease
E Sinclair, C Walton-Doyle, D Sarkar, KA Hollywood, J Milne, SH Lim, ...
ACS central science 7 (2), 300-306, 2021
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