Chris Bielow
Chris Bielow
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OpenMS: a flexible open-source software platform for mass spectrometry data analysis
HL Röst, T Sachsenberg, S Aiche, C Bielow, H Weisser, F Aicheler, ...
Nature methods 13 (9), 741-748, 2016
Tools for label-free peptide quantification
S Nahnsen, C Bielow, K Reinert, O Kohlbacher
Molecular & Cellular Proteomics 12 (3), 549-556, 2013
Extensive identification and analysis of conserved small ORFs in animals
SD Mackowiak, H Zauber, C Bielow, D Thiel, K Kutz, L Calviello, ...
Genome biology 16, 1-21, 2015
Application of integrated transcriptomic, proteomic and metabolomic profiling for the delineation of mechanisms of drug induced cell stress
A Wilmes, A Limonciel, L Aschauer, K Moenks, C Bielow, MO Leonard, ...
Journal of proteomics 79, 180-194, 2013
Proteomics quality control: quality control software for MaxQuant results
C Bielow, G Mastrobuoni, S Kempa
Journal of proteome research 15 (3), 777-787, 2016
Mechanism of cisplatin proximal tubule toxicity revealed by integrating transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics and biokinetics
A Wilmes, C Bielow, C Ranninger, P Bellwon, L Aschauer, A Limonciel, ...
Toxicology in Vitro 30 (1), 117-127, 2015
Integrative functional genomics decodes herpes simplex virus 1
AW Whisnant, CS Jürges, T Hennig, E Wyler, B Prusty, AJ Rutkowski, ...
Nature communications 11 (1), 2038, 2020
Evaluation of drug-induced neurotoxicity based on metabolomics, proteomics and electrical activity measurements in complementary CNS in vitro models
L Schultz, MG Zurich, M Culot, A da Costa, C Landry, P Bellwon, T Kristl, ...
Toxicology in Vitro 30 (1), 138-165, 2015
TOPPAS: a graphical workflow editor for the analysis of high-throughput proteomics data
J Junker, C Bielow, A Bertsch, M Sturm, K Reinert, O Kohlbacher
Journal of proteome research 11 (7), 3914-3920, 2012
MSSimulator: Simulation of mass spectrometry data
C Bielow, S Aiche, S Andreotti, K Reinert
Journal of proteome research 10 (7), 2922-2929, 2011
On mass ambiguities in high-resolution shotgun lipidomics
C Bielow, G Mastrobuoni, M Orioli, S Kempa
Analytical chemistry 89 (5), 2986-2994, 2017
Kinetic modelling of quantitative proteome data predicts metabolic reprogramming of liver cancer
N Berndt, A Egners, G Mastrobuoni, O Vvedenskaya, A Fragoulis, ...
British Journal of Cancer 122 (2), 233-244, 2020
Rapid and comprehensive impurity profiling of synthetic thyroxine by ultrahigh-performance liquid chromatography–high-resolution mass spectrometry
V Neu, C Bielow, I Gostomski, R Wintringer, R Braun, K Reinert, ...
Analytical chemistry 85 (6), 3309-3317, 2013
Investigation of reaction mechanisms of drug degradation in the solid state: a kinetic study implementing ultrahigh-performance liquid chromatography and high-resolution mass …
V Neu, C Bielow, P Schneider, K Reinert, H Stuppner, CG Huber
Analytical chemistry 85 (4), 2385-2390, 2013
Ultrahigh-performance liquid chromatography-ultraviolet absorbance detection-high-resolution-mass spectrometry combined with automated data processing for studying the kinetics …
V Neu, C Bielow, K Reinert, CG Huber
Journal of chromatography A 1371, 196-203, 2014
Optimal decharging and clustering of charge ladders generated in ESI− MS
C Bielow, S Ruzek, CG Huber, K Reinert
Journal of Proteome Research 9 (5), 2688-2695, 2010
Bioinformatics for qualitative and quantitative proteomics
C Bielow, C Gröpl, O Kohlbacher, K Reinert
Bioinformatics for Omics Data: Methods and Protocols, 331-349, 2011
OpenMS 3 enables reproducible analysis of large-scale mass spectrometry data
J Pfeuffer, C Bielow, S Wein, K Jeong, E Netz, A Walter, O Alka, L Nilse, ...
Nature methods 21 (3), 365-367, 2024
CMAPLE: efficient phylogenetic inference in the pandemic era
N Ly-Trong, C Bielow, N De Maio, BQ Minh
Molecular Biology and Evolution, msae134, 2024
Quantification and simulation of liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry data
C Bielow
Freie Universität Berlin, 2012
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