Aleksei (Oleksii) Chechkin
Aleksei (Oleksii) Chechkin
Inst. Phys. Astron. Uni Potsdam and Kharkov Inst. Phys. Tech.
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Matrix approach to discrete fractional calculus II: partial fractional differential equations
I Podlubny, A Chechkin, T Skovranek, YQ Chen, BMV Jara
Journal of Computational Physics 228 (8), 3137-3153, 2009
Brownian yet non-Gaussian diffusion: from superstatistics to subordination of diffusing diffusivities
AV Chechkin, F Seno, R Metzler, IM Sokolov
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AV Chechkin, R Gorenflo, IM Sokolov
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JK I.M. Sokolov, A.V. Chechkin
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AG Cherstvy, AV Chechkin, R Metzler
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Lévy flights do not always optimize random blind search for sparse targets
VV Palyulin, AV Chechkin, R Metzler
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Introduction to the theory of Lévy flights
AV Chechkin, R Metzler, J Klafter, VY Gonchar
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Scaled Brownian motion: a paradoxical process with a time dependent diffusivity for the description of anomalous diffusion
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Fractional Fokker-Planck equation for ultraslow kinetics
AV Chechkin, J Klafter, IM Sokolov
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Random search with resetting: a unified renewal approach
A Chechkin, IM Sokolov
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A Chechkin, V Gonchar, J Klafter, R Metzler, L Tanatarov
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AV Chechkin, VY Gonchar, J Klafter, R Metzler, LV Tanatarov
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Bifurcation, bimodality, and finite variance in confined Lévy flights
AV Chechkin, J Klafter, VY Gonchar, R Metzler, LV Tanatarov
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Leapover lengths and first passage time statistics for Lévy flights
T Koren, MA Lomholt, AV Chechkin, J Klafter, R Metzler
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Generalized fractional diffusion equations for accelerating subdiffusion and truncated Lévy flights
AV Chechkin, VY Gonchar, R Gorenflo, N Korabel, IM Sokolov
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Fractional diffusion equation for a power-law-truncated Lévy process
IM Sokolov, AV Chechkin, J Klafter
Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications 336 (3-4), 245-251, 2004
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