Qiuliang Xie
Qiuliang Xie
Principal Engineer, MediaTek USA
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APSK constellation with Gray mapping
Z Liu, Q Xie, K Peng, Z Yang
IEEE communications letters 15 (12), 1271-1273, 2011
A Universal Low-Complexity Symbol-to-Bit Soft-Demapper
Q Wang, Q Xie, Z Wang, S Chen, L Hanzo
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Coded modulation with signal space diversity
Q Xie, J Song, K Peng, F Yang, Z Wang
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Simplified soft demapper for APSK with product constellation labeling
Q Xie, Z Wang, Z Yang
IEEE transactions on wireless communications 11 (7), 2649-2657, 2012
EXIT-chart-matching-aided near-capacity coded modulation design and a BICM-ID design example for both Gaussian and Rayleigh channels
Q Xie, Z Yang, J Song, L Hanzo
IEEE transactions on vehicular technology 62 (3), 1216-1227, 2012
Non-equiprobable APSK constellation labeling design for BICM systems
F Yang, K Yan, Q Xie, J Song
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A novel BICM-ID system approaching Shannon-limit at high spectrum efficiency
Z Yang, Q Xie, K Peng, Z Wang
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Bit-interleaved LDPC-coded modulation with iterative demapping and decoding
Q Xie, K Peng, J Song, Z Yang
VTC Spring 2009-IEEE 69th Vehicular Technology Conference, 1-5, 2009
Labeling optimization for BICM-ID systems
Z Yang, Q Xie, K Peng, J Song
IEEE communications letters 14 (11), 1047-1049, 2010
Low‐complexity atlas‐based prostate segmentation by combining global, regional, and local metrics
Q Xie, D Ruan
Medical physics 41 (4), 041909, 2014
比特交织 LDPC 编码调制系统中的迭代解映射和译码算法
谢求亮, 彭克武, 潘长勇, 杨知行
清华大学学报: 自然科学版, 1201-1204, 2009
A fast and efficient encoding structure for QC-LDPC codes
Z Yang, Q Xie, K Peng, J Fu
2008 International Conference on Communications, Circuits and Systems, 16-20, 2008
Near-capacity BICM-ID for MIMO channels
Q Xie, J Song, F Yang, Z Yang
2011 IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory Proceedings, 1841-1845, 2011
Low complexity soft decoder for Nordstrom-Robinson code with application to the Chinese DTTB standard
Q Xie, K Peng, J Wang, J Song, J Wang, Z Yang
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Polar Decomposition of Mutual Information over Complex-Valued Channels
Q Xie, Z Wang, Z Yang
IEEE Transactions on Information Theory 60 (6), 3163-3171, 2014
BICM-ID systems with signal space diversity over Rayleigh fading channels
Q Xie, K Peng, F Yang, Z Wang
2010 IEEE Global Telecommunications Conference GLOBECOM 2010, 1-5, 2010
Coded modulation with APSK constellations for power line communication
J Song, K Yan, F Yang, Q Xie, F Ren, J Li
2013 IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC), 4310-4314, 2013
定码长多码率 QC-LDPC 码的构造
王琪, 谢求亮, 王昭诚
清华大学学报 (自然科学版) 3, 2013
On the channel capacity and iterative demapping of generalized 4PAM over AWGN channel
Q Xie, K Peng, J Song, Z Yang
2008 11th IEEE Singapore International Conference on Communication Systems …, 2008
Near-Capacity BICM-ID-SSD, Good for Future DTTB Systems
J Song
ATSC Symposium on Next Generation Broadcast Television, 2011
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