Thomas Lenosky
Thomas Lenosky
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Energetics of negatively curved graphitic carbon
T Lenosky, X Gonze, M Teter, V Elser
Nature 355 (6358), 333-335, 1992
Negatively curved graphitic sheet model of amorphous carbon
SJ Townsend, TJ Lenosky, DA Muller, CS Nichols, V Elser
Physical review letters 69 (6), 921, 1992
Classical potential describes martensitic phase transformations between the , , and titanium phases
RG Hennig, TJ Lenosky, DR Trinkle, SP Rudin, JW Wilkins
Physical Review B—Condensed Matter and Materials Physics 78 (5), 054121, 2008
Mechanism of boron diffusion in silicon: An ab initio and kinetic Monte Carlo study
B Sadigh, TJ Lenosky, SK Theiss, MJ Caturla, TD de la Rubia, MA Foad
Physical review letters 83 (21), 4341, 1999
Highly optimized empirical potential model of silicon
TJ Lenosky, B Sadigh, E Alonso, VV Bulatov, TD de la Rubia, J Kim, ...
Modelling and Simulation in Materials Science and Engineering 8 (6), 825, 2000
Density-functional calculation of the Hugoniot of shocked liquid deuterium
TJ Lenosky, SR Bickham, JD Kress, LA Collins
Physical Review B 61 (1), 1, 2000
Global Minimum Determination of the Born-Oppenheimer Surface<? format?> within Density Functional Theory
S Goedecker, W Hellmann, T Lenosky
Physical review letters 95 (5), 055501, 2005
Dynamical and optical properties of warm dense hydrogen
LA Collins, SR Bickham, JD Kress, S Mazevet, TJ Lenosky, NJ Troullier, ...
Physical Review B 63 (18), 184110, 2001
Highly optimized tight-binding model of silicon
TJ Lenosky, JD Kress, I Kwon, AF Voter, B Edwards, DF Richards, S Yang, ...
Physical Review B 55 (3), 1528, 1997
Diffusive molecular dynamics and its application to nanoindentation and sintering
J Li, S Sarkar, WT Cox, TJ Lenosky, E Bitzek, Y Wang
Physical Review B—Condensed Matter and Materials Physics 84 (5), 054103, 2011
Ab initio based empirical potential used to study the mechanical properties of molybdenum
H Park, MR Fellinger, TJ Lenosky, WW Tipton, DR Trinkle, SP Rudin, ...
Physical Review B—Condensed Matter and Materials Physics 85 (21), 214121, 2012
High-pressure structures of disilane and their superconducting properties
JA Flores-Livas, M Amsler, TJ Lenosky, L Lehtovaara, S Botti, ...
Physical review letters 108 (11), 117004, 2012
First-principles calculation of intrinsic defect formation volumes in silicon
SA Centoni, B Sadigh, GH Gilmer, TJ Lenosky, T Díaz de La Rubia, ...
Physical Review B—Condensed Matter and Materials Physics 72 (19), 195206, 2005
Thermochemical and Mechanical Stabilities of the Oxide Scale of ZrB2+SiC and Oxygen Transport Mechanisms
J Li, TJ Lenosky, CJ Först, S Yip
Journal of the American Ceramic Society 91 (5), 1475-1480, 2008
Molecular-dynamics modeling of the Hugoniot of shocked liquid deuterium
TJ Lenosky, JD Kress, LA Collins
Physical Review B 56 (9), 5164, 1997
Low-density silicon allotropes for photovoltaic applications
M Amsler, S Botti, MAL Marques, TJ Lenosky, S Goedecker
Physical Review B 92 (1), 014101, 2015
Parameter-free modelling of dislocation motion: the case of silicon
VV Bulatov, JF Justo, W Cai, S Yip, AS Argon, T Lenosky, M Koning, ...
Philosophical Magazine A 81 (5), 1257-1281, 2001
Ab initio energetics of boron-interstitial clusters in crystalline Si
TJ Lenosky, B Sadigh, SK Theiss, MJ Caturla, TD de la Rubia
Applied Physics Letters 77 (12), 1834-1836, 2000
Electronic properties of negative-curvature periodic graphitic carbon surfaces
MZ Huang, WY Ching, T Lenosky
Physical Review B 47 (3), 1593, 1993
First-principles investigation of radiation induced defects in Si and SiC
W Windl, TJ Lenosky, JD Kress, AF Voter
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam …, 1998
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