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Stephane Brillant
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Discovery of a cool planet of 5.5 Earth masses through gravitational microlensing
JP Beaulieu, DP Bennett, P Fouqué, A Williams, M Dominik, ...
Nature 439 (7075), 437-440, 2006
One or more bound planets per Milky Way star from microlensing observations
A Cassan, D Kubas, JP Beaulieu, M Dominik, K Horne, J Greenhill, ...
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Frequency of solar-like systems and of ice and gas giants beyond the snow line from high-magnification microlensing events in 2005-2008
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A cold Neptune-mass planet OGLE-2007-BLG-368Lb: cold Neptunes are common
T Sumi, DP Bennett, IA Bond, A Udalski, V Batista, M Dominik, P Fouqué, ...
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Abundant HD in the pre–stellar core L1544
P Caselli, FFS Van der Tak, C Ceccarelli, A Bacmann
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Optical and Infrared Spectroscopy of SN 1999ee and SN 1999ex
M Hamuy, J Maza, PA Pinto, MM Phillips, NB Suntzeff, RD Blum, ...
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OGLE-2005-BLG-071Lb, the most massive M dwarf planetary companion?
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The low-level radial velocity variability in Barnard's star (= GJ 699)-Secular acceleration, indications for convective redshift, and planet mass limits
M Kuerster, M Endl, F Rouesnel, S Els, A Kaufer, S Brillant, AP Hatzes, ...
Astronomy & Astrophysics 403 (3), 1077-1087, 2003
MOA-2009-BLG-387Lb: a massive planet orbiting an M dwarf
V Batista, A Gould, S Dieters, S Dong, I Bond, JP Beaulieu, D Maoz, ...
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Binary microlensing event OGLE-2009-BLG-020 gives verifiable mass, distance, and orbit predictions
J Skowron, A Udalski, A Gould, S Dong, LAG Monard, C Han, CR Nelson, ...
The Astrophysical Journal 738 (1), 87, 2011
Sub-Saturn planet MOA-2008-BLG-310Lb: likely to be in the Galactic bulge
J Janczak, A Fukui, S Dong, LAG Monard, S Kozłowski, A Gould, ...
The Astrophysical Journal 711 (2), 731, 2010
Discovery and mass measurements of a cold, 10 Earth mass planet and its host star
Y Muraki, C Han, DP Bennett, D Suzuki, LAG Monard, R Street, ...
The Astrophysical Journal 741 (1), 22, 2011
MOA-2011-BLG-262Lb: a sub-Earth-mass moon orbiting a gas giant primary or a high velocity planetary system in the galactic bulge
DP Bennett, V Batista, IA Bond, CS Bennett, D Suzuki, JP Beaulieu, ...
The Astrophysical Journal 785 (2), 155, 2014
A frozen super-Earth orbiting a star at the bottom of the main sequence
D Kubas, JP Beaulieu, DP Bennett, A Cassan, A Cole, J Lunine, ...
Astronomy & Astrophysics 540, A78, 2012
Abundant gas-phase H2O in absorption toward massive protostars
AMS Boonman, EF van Dishoeck
Astronomy & Astrophysics 403 (3), 1003-1010, 2003
The first circumbinary planet found by microlensing: OGLE-2007-BLG-349L (AB) c
DP Bennett, SH Rhie, A Udalski, A Gould, Y Tsapras, D Kubas, IA Bond, ...
The Astronomical Journal 152 (5), 125, 2016
Microlensing discovery of a population of very tight, very low mass binary brown dwarfs
JY Choi, C Han, A Udalski, T Sumi, BS Gaudi, A Gould, DP Bennett, ...
The Astrophysical Journal 768 (2), 129, 2013
Full characterization of binary-lens event OGLE-2002-BLG-069 from PLANET observations
D Kubas, A Cassan, JP Beaulieu, C Coutures, M Dominik, MD Albrow, ...
Astronomy & Astrophysics 435 (3), 941-948, 2005
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