Tihana Lenac Rovis
Tihana Lenac Rovis
University of Rijeka, Faculty of Medicine
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NK cell activation through the NKG2D ligand MULT-1 is selectively prevented by the glycoprotein encoded by mouse cytomegalovirus gene m145
A Krmpotic, M Hasan, A Loewendorf, T Saulig, A Halenius, T Lenac, ...
Journal of Experimental Medicine 201 (2), 211-220, 2005
A shed NKG2D ligand that promotes natural killer cell activation and tumor rejection
W Deng, BG Gowen, L Zhang, L Wang, S Lau, A Iannello, J Xu, TL Rovis, ...
Science 348 (6230), 136-139, 2015
Mouse TIGIT inhibits NK‐cell cytotoxicity upon interaction with PVR
N Stanietsky, TL Rovis, A Glasner, E Seidel, P Tsukerman, R Yamin, ...
European journal of immunology 43 (8), 2138-2150, 2013
Selective down-regulation of the NKG2D ligand H60 by mouse cytomegalovirus m155 glycoprotein
M Hasan, A Krmpotic, Z Ruzsics, I Bubic, T Lenac, A Halenius, ...
Journal of virology 79 (5), 2920-2930, 2005
The herpesviral Fc receptor fcr-1 down-regulates the NKG2D ligands MULT-1 and H60
T Lenac, M Budt, J Arapovic, M Hasan, A Zimmermann, H Simic, ...
Journal of Experimental Medicine 203 (8), 1843-1850, 2006
Proteomic analysis of the multimeric nuclear egress complex of human cytomegalovirus
J Milbradt, A Kraut, C Hutterer, E Sonntag, C Schmeiser, M Ferro, ...
Molecular & Cellular Proteomics 13 (8), 2132-2146, 2014
Murine cytomegalovirus regulation of NKG2D ligands
T Lenac, J Arapović, L Traven, A Krmpotić, S Jonjić
Medical microbiology and immunology 197 (2), 159-166, 2008
Elucidating the mechanisms of influenza virus recognition by Ncr1
A Glasner, A Zurunic, T Meningher, TL Rovis, P Tsukerman, Y Bar-On, ...
PloS one 7 (5), e36837, 2012
Differential susceptibility of RAE-1 isoforms to mouse cytomegalovirus
J Arapović, T Lenac, R Antulov, B Polić, Z Ruzsics, LN Carayannopoulos, ...
Journal of virology 83 (16), 8198-8207, 2009
Promiscuity of MCMV immunoevasin of NKG2D: m138/fcr-1 down-modulates RAE-1ɛ in addition to MULT-1 and H60
J Arapović, TL Roviš, AB Reddy, A Krmpotić, S Jonjić
Molecular immunology 47 (1), 114-122, 2009
Combined X-ray Diffraction and QM/MM Study of the Burkholderia cepacia Lipase-Catalyzed Secondary Alcohol Esterification
M Luić, Z Štefanić, I Ceilinger, M Hodošček, D Janežič, T Lenac, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 112 (16), 4876-4883, 2008
The interaction between CD 300a and phosphatidylserine inhibits tumor cell killing by NK cells
D Lankry, TL Rovis, S Jonjic, O Mandelboim
European journal of immunology 43 (8), 2151-2161, 2013
Comprehensive analysis of varicella-zoster virus proteins using a new monoclonal antibody collection
TL Roviš, SM Bailer, VR Pothineni, WJD Ouwendijk, H Šimić, M Babić, ...
Journal of virology 87 (12), 6943-6954, 2013
Inflammatory monocytes and NK cells play a crucial role in DNAM-1–dependent control of cytomegalovirus infection
TL Rovis, PK Brlic, N Kaynan, VJ Lisnic, I Brizic, S Jordan, A Tomic, ...
Journal of Experimental Medicine 213 (9), 1835-1850, 2016
The essential human cytomegalovirus proteins pUL77 and pUL93 are structural components necessary for viral genome encapsidation
EM Borst, R Bauerfeind, A Binz, TM Stephan, S Neuber, K Wagner, ...
Journal of virology 90 (13), 5860-5875, 2016
MCMV avoidance of recognition and control by NK cells
I Brizić, TL Roviš, A Krmpotić, S Jonjić
Seminars in immunopathology 36 (6), 641-650, 2014
Expression of the human cytomegalovirus UL11 glycoprotein in viral infection and evaluation of its effect on virus-specific CD8 T cells
I Gabaev, E Elbasani, S Ameres, L Steinbrück, R Stanton, M Döring, ...
Journal of virology 88 (24), 14326-14339, 2014
ORF11 protein interacts with the ORF9 essential tegument protein in varicella-zoster virus infection
X Che, SL Oliver, M Reichelt, MH Sommer, J Haas, TL Roviš, AM Arvin
Journal of virology 87 (9), 5106-5117, 2013
Chromatographic monoliths for high-throughput immunoaffinity isolation of transferrin from human plasma
I Trbojevic-Akmacic, B Nemec, U Vidic, S Malic, K Miklic, U Cernigoj, ...
Croatica Chemica Acta 89 (2), 2016
The interaction between cyclin B1 and cytomegalovirus protein kinase pUL97 is determined by an active kinase domain
M Steingruber, E Socher, C Hutterer, R Webel, T Bergbrede, T Lenac, ...
Viruses 7 (8), 4582-4601, 2015
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