Barragan, J.T.C.
Barragan, J.T.C.
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Electrochemical Biosensors in Point-of-Care Devices: Recent Advances and Future Trends Kubota
E da Silva, DEP Souto, ...
ChemElectroChem 4 (4), 778, 2017
Emerging considerations for the future development of electrochemical paper‐based analytical devices
WJ Paschoalino, S Kogikoski Jr, JTC Barragan, JF Giarola, L Cantelli, ...
ChemElectroChem 6 (1), 10-30, 2019
SPR analysis of the interaction between a recombinant protein of unknown function in Leishmania infantum immobilised on dendrimers and antibodies of the …
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Insight into the electro-oxidation mechanism of glucose and other carbohydrates by CuO-based electrodes
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Minipotentiostat controlled by smartphone on a micropipette: A versatile, portable, agile and accurate tool for electroanalysis
JTC Barragan, LT Kubota
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On the electrochemical behavior of Cu–16% Zn–6.5% Al alloy containing the β′-phase (martensite) in borate buffer
M Blanco, JTC Barragan, N Barelli, RD Noce, CS Fugivara, J Fernández, ...
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Construction of a new versatile point-of-care testing device with electrochemical detection employing paper as a microfluidic platform
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Nanostructured cupric oxide electrode: an alternative to amperometric detection of carbohydrates in anion-exchange chromatography
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Electrochemical biosensors in point-of-care devices: recent advances and future trends. ChemElectroChem 4: 778–794
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R.; Andrade, HM; Damos, FS; Kubota, LT SPR analysis of the interaction between a recombinant protein of unknown function in Leishmania infantum immobilised on dendrimers and …
DE Souto, AM Fonseca, JT Barragan, L de CS
Biosens. Bioelectron 70, 275-281, 2015
A novel approach for electroanalytical determinations employing discharge of pseudocapacitor by electroactive species
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Desenvolvimento de microcélula eletroquímica para estudos de microrregiões
AH Akita, JTC Barragan, CS Fugivara, AV Benedetti
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TIMPZ: An exquisite building block for metal/hydrogen coordination polymers
CBP Ligiéro, TV Oliveira, CCF Fontes, JTC Barragan, FWY So, LT Kubota, ...
European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry 2019 (17), 2291-2294, 2019
Local electrochemical investigation of single grains of polycrystalline Cu-16% Zn-8% Al alloy
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Electrochemical biosensors in point‐of‐care devices: recent advances and future trends
TSG da Everson, DEP Souto, JTC Barragan, JF Giarola, ACM de Moraes, ...
Chemelectrochem: fundamentals and applications, 2017
Método de obtenção de eletrodos de óxido de cobre nanoestruturado, eletrodos de óxido de cobre nanoestruturado e seu uso
JTC Barragan, LT Kubota
BR Patent BR 10 2014 021474-7, 2016
Fast and reliable analytical method based on ion chromatography with amperometric detection applied to sugar cane quality control.
LB Ferronato, L Zanuni, VC Bassetto, JTC Barragan, WT Garcia, C Caldas, ...
International Society of Sugar Cane Technologists: Proceedings of the …, 2013
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