Florian Yger
Florian Yger
PSL-Université Paris-Dauphine, LAMSADE/MILES, PRAIRIE
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A Review of Classification Algorithms for EEG-based Brain-Computer Interfaces: A 10-year Update
F Lotte, L Bougrain, A Cichocki, M Clerc, M Congedo, A Rakotomamonjy, ...
Journal of Neural Engineering, 2018
Riemannian approaches in Brain-Computer Interfaces: a review
F Yger, M Berar, F Lotte
IEEE Transactions on Neural System and Rehabilitation Engineering, 2017
Recognizing Art Style Automatically in painting with deep learning
A Lecoutre, B Negrevergne, F Yger
ACML, 2017
A vascular endothelial growth factor-dependent sprouting angiogenesis assay based on an in vitro human blood vessel model for the study of anti-angiogenic drugs
J Pauty, R Usuba, IG Cheng, L Hespel, H Takahashi, K Kato, ...
EBioMedicine 27, 225-236, 2018
Theoretical evidence for adversarial robustness through randomization
R Pinot, L Meunier, A Araujo, H Kashima, F Yger, C Gouy-Pailler, J Atif
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Geometry-aware principal component analysis for symmetric positive definite matrices
I Horev, F Yger, M Sugiyama
Machine Learning, 1-30, 2016
Geometry-aware principal component analysis for symmetric positive definite matrices
I Horev, F Yger, M Sugiyama
ACML, 2015
Averaging covariance matrices for EEG signal classification based on the CSP: an empirical study
F Yger, F Lotte, M Sugiyama
2015 23rd European signal processing conference (EUSIPCO), 2721-2725, 2015
sw-SVM: sensor weighting support vector machines for EEG-based brain–computer interfaces
N Jrad, M Congedo, R Phlypo, S Rousseau, R Flamary, F Yger, ...
Journal of neural engineering 8 (5), 056004, 2011
Adaptive canonical correlation analysis based on matrix manifolds
F Yger, M Berar, G Gasso, A Rakotomamonjy
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Wavelet kernel learning
F Yger, A Rakotomamonjy
Pattern Recognition 44 (10-11), 2614-2629, 2011
Towards adaptive classification using Riemannian geometry approaches in brain-computer interfaces
S Kumar, F Yger, F Lotte
2019 7th International Winter Conference on Brain-Computer Interface (BCI), 1-6, 2019
A review of kernels on covariance matrices for BCI applications
F Yger
2013 IEEE international workshop on machine learning for signal processing …, 2013
Supervised logeuclidean metric learning for symmetric positive definite matrices
F Yger, M Sugiyama
arXiv preprint arXiv:1502.03505, 2015
Explainability for regression CNN in fetal head circumference estimation from ultrasound images
J Zhang, C Petitjean, F Yger, S Ainouz
Workshop on Interpretability of Machine Intelligence in Medical Image …, 2020
A unified view on differential privacy and robustness to adversarial examples
R Pinot, F Yger, C Gouy-Pailler, J Atif
Workshop on Machine Learning for CyberSecurity (MLCS@ECML-PKDD), 2019
Uplift modeling from separate labels
I Yamane, F Yger, J Atif, M Sugiyama
Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems, 2018
Using Posters to Recommend Anime and Mangas in a Cold-Start Scenario
JJ Vie, F Yger, R Lahfa, B Clement, K Cocchi, T Chalumeau, H Kashima
MANPU, 2017
Importance-weighted covariance estimation for robust common spatial pattern
A Balzi, F Yger, M Sugiyama
Pattern Recognition Letters 68, 139-145, 2015
Functional connectivity ensemble method to enhance BCI performance (FUCONE)
MC Corsi, S Chevallier, FDV Fallani, F Yger
IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering 69 (9), 2826-2838, 2022
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