Shanshan Qin
Shanshan Qin
Associated Research Scientist, Flatiron Institute
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Large-scale porous hematite nanorod arrays: direct growth on titanium foil and reversible lithium storage
Y Song, S Qin, Y Zhang, W Gao, J Liu
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 114 (49), 21158-21164, 2010
Internal state configures olfactory behavior and early sensory processing in Drosophila larvae
K Vogt, DM Zimmerman, M Schlichting, L Hernandez-Nunez, S Qin, ...
Science advances 7 (1), eabd6900, 2021
Odor-evoked inhibition of olfactory sensory neurons drives olfactory perception in Drosophila
LH Cao, D Yang, W Wu, X Zeng, BY Jing, MT Li, S Qin, C Tang, Y Tu, ...
Nature communications 8 (1), 1357, 2017
Coordinated drift of receptive fields in Hebbian/anti-Hebbian network models during noisy representation learning
S Qin, S Farashahi, D Lipshutz, AM Sengupta, DB Chklovskii, C Pehlevan
Nature Neuroscience 26 (2), 339-349, 2023
Drifting neuronal representations: Bug or feature?
P Masset, S Qin, JA Zavatone-Veth
Biological cybernetics 116 (3), 253-266, 2022
Contrastive similarity matching for supervised learning
S Qin, N Mudur, C Pehlevan
Neural computation 33 (5), 1300-1328, 2021
Optimal compressed sensing strategies for an array of nonlinear olfactory receptor neurons with and without spontaneous activity
S Qin, Q Li, C Tang, Y Tu
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 116 (41), 20286-20295, 2019
Early-warning signals of critical transition: Effect of extrinsic noise
S Qin, C Tang
Physical Review E 97 (3), 032406, 2018
Functional imaging and quantification of multineuronal olfactory responses in C. elegans
A Lin, S Qin, H Casademunt, M Wu, W Hung, G Cain, NZ Tan, ...
Science Advances 9 (9), eade1249, 2023
Network motifs capable of decoding transcription factor dynamics
Z Gao, S Chen, S Qin, C Tang
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Cell-to-cell variability in inducible Caspase9-mediated cell death
Y Yuan, H Ren, Y Li, S Qin, X Yang, C Tang
Cell Death & Disease 13 (1), 34, 2022
Short-Term Plasticity Regulates Both Divisive Normalization and Adaptive Responses in Drosophila Olfactory System
Y Liu, Q Li, C Tang, S Qin, Y Tu
Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience 15, 730431, 2021
Statistical properties of the optimal sensitivity matrix for compressed sensing with nonlinear sensors
S Qin, Q Li, C Tang, Y Tu
bioRxiv, 464875, 2018
A systematic study of the determinants of protein abundance memory in cell lineage
Z Gao, H Sun, S Qin, X Yang, C Tang
Science bulletin 63 (16), 1051-1058, 2018
One nose but two nostrils: Learn to align with sparse connections between two olfactory cortices
B Liu, S Qin, V Murthy, Y Tu
ArXiv, 2024
Dynamics of representational learning in brain and artificial neural networks
Y Tu, G Morales, M Munoz, B Liu, V Murthy, S Qin
American Physical Society (March Meeting), 2024
Odor-Evoked Inhibition of Olfactory Sensory Neurons Drives Olfactory Perception in Drosophila
X Zeng, LH Cao, D Yang, W Wu, BY Jing, MT Li, S Qin, C Tang, Y Tu, ...
Modeling metaphase to anaphase transition of budding yeast cell cycle
S Qin, C Tang
APS March Meeting Abstracts 2014, P1. 080, 2014
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