Qing Huan
Qing Huan
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Construction of 2D atomic crystals on transition metal surfaces: graphene, silicene, and hafnene
Y Pan, L Zhang, L Huang, L Li, L Meng, M Gao, Q Huan, X Lin, Y Wang, ...
small 10 (11), 2215-2225, 2014
Submolecular control, spectroscopy and imaging of bond-selective chemistry in single functionalized molecules
Y Jiang, Q Huan, L Fabris, GC Bazan, W Ho
Nature Chemistry 5 (1), 36-41, 2013
Direct four-probe measurement of grain-boundary resistivity and mobility in millimeter-sized graphene
R Ma, Q Huan, L Wu, J Yan, W Guo, YY Zhang, S Wang, L Bao, Y Liu, ...
Nano Letters 17 (9), 5291-5296, 2017
Site-and configuration-selective anchoring of iron–phthalocyanine on the step edges of Au (111) surface
L Zhang, Z Cheng, Q Huan, X He, X Lin, L Gao, Z Deng, N Jiang, Q Liu, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 115 (21), 10791-10796, 2011
Self-assembled patterns and young’s modulus of single-layer naphthalocyanine molecules on Ag (111)
R Wu, L Yan, Y Zhang, J Ren, D Bao, H Zhang, Y Wang, S Du, Q Huan, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 119 (15), 8208-8212, 2015
Four-probe scanning tunnelling microscope with atomic resolution for electrical and electro-optical property measurements of nanosystems
X Lin, XB He, JL Lu, L Gao, Q Huan, DX Shi, HJ Gao
Chinese Physics B 14 (8), 1536-1543, 2005
A low-temperature scanning probe microscopy system with molecular beam epitaxy and optical access
ZB Wu, ZY Gao, XY Chen, YQ Xing, H Yang, G Li, R Ma, A Wang, J Yan, ...
Review of Scientific Instruments 89 (11), 2018
Lattice-directed construction of metal–organic molecular wires of pentacene on the Au (110) surface
J Ren, DL Bao, L Dong, L Gao, R Wu, L Yan, A Wang, J Yan, Y Wang, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 121 (39), 21650-21657, 2017
Formation of two-dimensional AgTe monolayer atomic crystal on Ag (111) substrate
L Dong, A Wang, E Li, Q Wang, G Li, Q Huan, HJ Gao
Chinese Physics Letters 36 (2), 028102, 2019
Direct measurements of conductivity and mobility in millimeter-sized single-crystalline graphene via van der Pauw geometry
RS Ma, Q Huan, LM Wu, JH Yan, YY Zhang, LH Bao, YQ Liu, SX Du, ...
Chinese Physics B 26 (6), 066801, 2017
Manipulation and four‐probe analysis of nanowires in UHV by application of four tunneling microscope tips: a new method for the investigation of electrical transport through …
X Lin, X He, J Lu, L Gao, Q Huan, Z Deng, Z Cheng, D Shi, H Gao
Surface and Interface Analysis: An International Journal devoted to the …, 2006
Combinatorial laser molecular beam epitaxy system integrated with specialized low-temperature scanning tunneling microscopy
G He, Z Wei, Z Feng, X Yu, B Zhu, L Liu, K Jin, J Yuan, Q Huan
Review of Scientific Instruments 91 (1), 2020
Upgrade of a commercial four-probe scanning tunneling microscopy system
R Ma, Q Huan, L Wu, J Yan, Q Zou, A Wang, CA Bobisch, L Bao, HJ Gao
Review of Scientific Instruments 88 (6), 2017
Wrinkle-induced highly conductive channels in graphene on SiO 2/Si substrates
RS Ma, J Ma, J Yan, L Wu, W Guo, S Wang, Q Huan, L Bao, ST Pantelides, ...
Nanoscale 12 (22), 12038-12045, 2020
A selective control of volatile and non-volatile superconductivity in an insulating copper oxide via ionic liquid gating
X Wei, HB Li, Q Zhang, D Li, M Qin, L Xu, W Hu, Q Huan, L Yu, J Miao, ...
Science Bulletin 65 (19), 1607-1613, 2020
Quasi-free-standing graphene nano-islands on Ag (110), grown from solid carbon source
R Wu, J Ren, L Dong, Y Wang, Q Huan, HJ Gao
Applied Physics Letters 110 (21), 2017
Four-probe scanning tunnelling microscope with atomic resolution for electrical and electro-optical property measurements of nanosystems
L Xiao, H Xiao-Bo, L Jun-Ling, G Li, H Qing, S Dong-Xia, G Hong-Jun
Chinese Physics 14 (8), 1536, 2005
Experimental Realization of Atomic Monolayer Si9C15
ZY Gao, W Xu, Y Gao, R Guzman, H Guo, X Wang, Q Zheng, Z Zhu, ...
Advanced Materials 34 (35), 2204779, 2022
Promoted photoelectrocatalytic hydrogen production performance of TiO2 nanowire arrays by Al2O3 surface passivation layer
Y Wang, W Bai, S Han, H Wang, Q Wu, J Chen, G Jiang, Z Zhao, C Xu, ...
Current Catalysis 6 (1), 50-56, 2017
Adsorption behavior of Fe atoms on a naphthalocyanine monolayer on Ag (111) surface
LH Yan, RT Wu, DL Bao, JH Ren, YF Zhang, HG Zhang, L Huang, ...
Chinese Physics B 24 (7), 076802, 2015
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