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Gabrijel Ondrasek
Gabrijel Ondrasek
Professor, University of Zagreb Faculty of Agriculture
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Soil salinisation and salt stress in crop production
G Ondrasek, Z Rengel, S Veres
Abiotic stress in plants-Mechanisms and adaptations, 171-190, 2011
Biogeochemistry of soil organic matter in agroecosystems & environmental implications
G Ondrasek, HB Begić, M Zovko, L Filipović, C Meriño-Gergichevich, ...
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Cadmium accumulation by muskmelon under salt stress in contaminated organic soil
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Trace metals in the coastal soils developed from estuarine floodplain sediments in the Croatian Mediterranean region
D Romic, M Romic, M Zovko, H Bakic, G Ondrasek
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Organic matter and salinity modify cadmium soil (phyto) availability
L Filipović, M Romić, D Romić, V Filipović, G Ondrašek
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The influence of drip fertigation on water use efficiency in tomato crop production
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Humic acids decrease uptake and distribution of trace metals, but not the growth of radish exposed to cadmium toxicity
G Ondrasek, Z Rengel, D Romic
Ecotoxicology and environmental safety 151, 55-61, 2018
Salinity and irrigation method affect crop yield and soil quality in watermelon (Citrullus lanatus L.) growing
D Romic, G Ondrasek, M Romic, B Josip, M Vranjes, D Petosic
Irrigation and Drainage: The journal of the International Commission on …, 2008
Environmental salinization processes: detection, implications & solutions
G Ondrasek, Z Rengel
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The role of soil organic matter in trace element bioavailability and toxicity
G Ondrasek, Z Rengel
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Salinity decreases dissolved organic carbon in the rhizosphere and increases trace element phyto‐accumulation
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Strawberry growth and fruit yield in a saline environment
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Water scarcity and water stress in agriculture
G Ondrasek
Physiological mechanisms and adaptation strategies in plants under changing …, 2014
Accumulation of non/essential elements in radish plants grown in salt-affected and cadmium-contaminated environment
G Ondrasek, Z Rengel, D Romic, M Poljak, M Romic
Cereal Research Communications 37, 9-12, 2009
Environmental salinisation processes in agro-ecosystem of Neretva River estuary.
G Ondrasek, Z Rengel, D Romic, R Savic
Növénytermelés 59 (Supplement), 223-226, 2010
Heavy metals in agricultural landscapes as hazards to human and ecosystem health: a case study on zinc and cadmium in drainage channel sediments
R Savic, G Ondrasek, J Josimov‐Dundjerski
Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 95 (3), 466-470, 2015
Biomass bottom ash & dolomite similarly ameliorate an acidic low-nutrient soil, improve phytonutrition and growth, but increase Cd accumulation in radish
G Ondrasek, F Kranjčec, L Filipović, V Filipović, MB Kovačić, IJ Badovinac, ...
Science of The Total Environment 753, 141902, 2020
Quality aspects of the surface water used for irrigation in the Neretva Delta (Croatia)
D Romic, M Zovko, M Romic, G Ondrasek, Z Salopek
Journal of Water and Land Development, 59-70, 2008
Physiological and nutritional responses in two highbush blueberry cultivars exposed to deficiency and excess of boron
C Meriño-Gergichevich, M Reyes-Díaz, J Guerrero, G Ondrasek
Journal of soil science and plant nutrition 17 (2), 307-318, 2017
Comparative study of methodologies to determine the antioxidant capacity of Al-toxified blueberry amended with calcium sulfate
C Meriño-Gergichevich, G Ondrasek, M Zovko, D Šamec, M Alberdi, ...
Journal of soil science and plant nutrition 15 (4), 965-978, 2015
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