Peter Bröde
Peter Bröde
IfADo - Leibniz Research Centre for Working Environment and Human Factors, Dortmund, Germany
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Deriving the operational procedure for the Universal Thermal Climate Index (UTCI)
P Bröde, D Fiala, K Błażejczyk, I Holmér, G Jendritzky, B Kampmann, ...
International journal of biometeorology 56, 481-494, 2012
UTCI-Fiala multi-node model of human heat transfer and temperature regulation
D Fiala, G Havenith, P Bröde, B Kampmann, G Jendritzky
International journal of biometeorology 56 (3), 429-441, 2012
An introduction to the universal thermal climate index (UTCI)
K Błażejczyk, G Jendritzky, P Bröde, D Fiala, G Havenith, Y Epstein, ...
Geographia Polonica 86 (1), 5-10, 2013
The UTCI-clothing model
G Havenith, D Fiala, K Błazejczyk, M Richards, P Bröde, I Holmér, ...
International journal of biometeorology 56, 461-470, 2012
Zur Validität der deutschen Übersetzung des Morningness‐Eveningness‐Questionnaires von Horne und Östberg The Validity of a German Version of the Morningness …
B Griefahn, C Künemund, P Bröde, P Mehnert
Somnologie 5 (2), 71-80, 2001
Predicting urban outdoor thermal comfort by the Universal Thermal Climate Index UTCI—a case study in Southern Brazil
P Bröde, EL Krüger, FA Rossi, D Fiala
International journal of biometeorology 56, 471-480, 2012
Principles of the new Universal Thermal Climate Index (UTCI) and its application to bioclimatic research in European scale
K Błażejczyk, P Broede, D Fiala, G Havenith, I Holmér, G Jendritzky, ...
Miscellanea Geographica 14 (1), 91-102, 2010
Autonomic arousals related to traffic noise during sleep
B Griefahn, P Bröde, A Marks, M Basner
Sleep 31 (4), 569-577, 2008
Apparent latent heat of evaporation from clothing: attenuation and “heat pipe” effects
G Havenith, MG Richards, X Wang, P Brode, V Candas, E den Hartog, ...
Journal of Applied Physiology 104 (1), 142-149, 2008
Association of CYP1B1 codon 432 mutant allele in head and neck squamous cell cancer is reflected by somatic mutations of p53 in tumor tissue
Y Ko, J Abel, V Harth, P Bröde, C Antony, S Donat, HP Fischer, ...
Cancer research 61 (11), 4398-4404, 2001
The Universal Thermal Climate Index UTCI compared to ergonomics standards for assessing the thermal environment
P Broede, K Blazejczyk, D Fiala, G Havenith, I Holmer, G Jendritzky, ...
Industrial health 51 (1), 16-24, 2013
Evaporative cooling: effective latent heat of evaporation in relation to evaporation distance from the skin
G Havenith, P Bröde, E Hartog, K Kuklane, I Holmer, RM Rossi, ...
Journal of applied physiology 114 (6), 778-785, 2013
Proteasomal degradation of human CYP1B1: effect of the Asn453Ser polymorphism on the post-translational regulation of CYP1B1 expression
S Bandiera, S Weidlich, V Harth, P Broede, Y Ko, T Friedberg
Molecular pharmacology 67 (2), 435-443, 2005
Physiological responses to temperature and humidity compared to the assessment by UTCI, WGBT and PHS
B Kampmann, P Bröde, D Fiala
International journal of biometeorology 56, 505-513, 2012
Estimated work ability in warm outdoor environments depends on the chosen heat stress assessment metric
P Bröde, D Fiala, B Lemke, T Kjellstrom
International journal of biometeorology 62, 331-345, 2018
Melatonin production during childhood and adolescence: a longitudinal study on the excretion of urinary 6‐hydroxymelatonin sulfate
B Griefahn, P Bröde, M Blaszkewicz, T Remer
Journal of pineal research 34 (1), 26-31, 2003
The universal thermal climate index UTCI in operational use
P Bröde, G Jendritzky, D Fiala, G Havenith
Loughborough University, 2010
Gender-related difference in sweat loss and its impact on exposure limits to heat stress
P Mehnert, P Bröde, B Griefahn
International journal of industrial ergonomics 29 (6), 343-351, 2002
UTCI: validation and practical application to the assessment of urban outdoor thermal comfort
P Bröde, EL Krüger, D Fiala
Geographia Polonica 86 (1), 11-20, 2013
Outdoor comfort study in Rio de Janeiro: site-related context effects on reported thermal sensation
E Krüger, P Drach, P Broede
International journal of biometeorology 61, 463-475, 2017
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