Jessica Maclean
Jessica Maclean
Senior Research Scientist, National Physical Laboratory, UK
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Thermal Boundary Resistance Between GaN and Substrate in AlGaN/GaN Electronic Devices
MTKM Sarua, Andrei, Ji H., Hilton K. P., Wallis D. J., Uren M. J.
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Reducing thermal resistance of AlGaN/GaN electronic devices using novel nucleation layers
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X-band GaN SPDT MMIC with over 25 watt linear power handling
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Evidence for selective delocalization of N-pair states in dilute GaAs 1− x N x
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Nitrogen incorporation into GaAs (N), Al0. 3Ga0. 7As (N) and In0. 15Ga0. 85As (N) by chemical beam epitaxy (CBE) using 1, 1-dimethylhydrazine
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High-performance InSb based quantum well field effect transistors for low-power dissipation applications
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Vertically tapered epilayers for low-loss waveguide-fiber coupling achieved in a single epitaxial growth run
RS Balmer, JM Heaton, JO Maclean, SG Ayling, JP Newey, M Houlton, ...
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The UK National Quantum Technology Hub in Sensors and Metrology
SPIE Europe - Quantum Optics, Ed. Jurgen Stuhler, Andrew J. Shields 9900 …, 2016
Laser Drilling of Microholes in Single Crystal Silicon Using Continuous Wave (CW) 1070 nm Fiber Lasers with Millisecond Pulse Widths.
JO Maclean, JR Hodson, C Tangkijcharoenchai, S Al-Ojaili, S Rodsavas, ...
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The sputter deposition of cerium oxide thin films for superconducting electronics
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Quantitative comparison of trimethylindium sources and assessment of their suitability for low threshold 980 nm InGaAs/GaAs lasers grown by chemical beam epitaxy
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Applied Physics Letters 80 (6), 914-916, 2002
Integrated laser/waveguide by shadow-masked selective area epitaxy using chemical beam epitaxy (CBE)
RS Balmer, T Martin, MJ Kane, JO Maclean, TJ Whitaker, SG Ayling, ...
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isense: A technology platform for cold atom based quantum technologies
K Bongs, J Malcolm, C Ramelloo, L Zhu, V Boyer, T Valenzuela, ...
Quantum Information and Measurement, QTu3B. 1, 2014
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