Fumiaki Sugahara
Fumiaki Sugahara
Hyogo Medical University
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Identification and expression of the lamprey Pax6 gene: evolutionary origin of the segmented brain of vertebrates
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Body wall development in lamprey and a new perspective on the origin of vertebrate paired fins
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Gene expression analysis of lamprey embryos
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Compartments in the lamprey embryonic brain as revealed by regulatory gene expression and the distribution of reticulospinal neurons
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Evolution of the regionalization and patterning of the vertebrate telencephalon: what can we learn from cyclostomes?
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Expansions, diversification, and interindividual copy number variations of AID/APOBEC family cytidine deaminase genes in lampreys
SJ Holland, LM Berghuis, JJ King, LM Iyer, K Sikora, H Fifield, S Peter, ...
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On the vagal cardiac nerves, with special reference to the early evolution of the head–trunk interface
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Origin of the unique morphology of the shoulder girdle in turtles
H Nagashima, T Hirasawa, F Sugahara, M Takechi, R Usuda, N Sato, ...
Journal of Anatomy 223 (6), 547-556, 2013
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